Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas shells...

well... after digging our way out of the 16 inches or so of snow we got Sunday, I'd say it is beginning to look like Christmas. LOL!

So here is a little peek of the Christmas presents I have been working on the past week...
(sorry about the glare. It was too cloudy to take sunlight photos, and the sealant is so shiny that it reflects the light no matter what angle I shoot from... grrr.)

These are real shells that my parents brought back for me from their last visit to the ocean. (about time I got around to using them, huh). I love the natural colors and designs they have.  The stamps used on these three are all by Great Impressions Stamps.

Anyway... since nothing good is on tv right now, I think I'll turn on an audio book and get more crafting done.... 
Have a fabulous night!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hey guys!  

Just wanted to share what I'm doing over at the CI blog today... 
  So grab your paint and brushes (and power drills...), and lets have some fun!

What you will need:

Power Drill (trust me)
Scrap of wood
Acrylic Paint
  (gasp!  yes, I really am using acrylic paint on this project)
Creative Inspirations paint
(sigh... ok, life can get back to normal... hehehe)
Sealant (decoupage glue/sealant works well)
What you want to decorate with....

I'm using:
Solvent ink (like StazOn)
Ranger Distress Crackle paint (clear)
Distress ink

*Quick tip before we start... I didn't want to ruin my good set of dominos that my family plays with, so I went out and found a really cheap set (meant to be a stocking stuffer). I think I spent $3 on mine at Michaels*

ok... now on to the fun stuff! Power tools! LOL!

Step 1: Use a strong double stick tape to secure your domino to a scrap block of wood. (I use old wooden stamp blocks.)  This does two things... protects your work area from accidental holes, and allows you to hold your domino from a safe distance. 

 Step 2: Carefully drill a hole(s) in your domino. This will be for attaching to a necklace or hook, or whatever you want to attach your altered domino to.  Start very slow until you have a nice hole started, then you can speed up.  (you can do this by hand, but trust me... the blisters hurt!)

Warning: PLEAE follow all safety guidelines for your power tool!  I don't want anyone injured while crafting!

 Step 3: When you feel your drill hit the wood beneath the domino, carefully remove the drill.

 Step 4: Give your domino a nice base coat of acrylic paint. This will help the CI paints stick better and thus requiring fewer coats.

Step 5: Allow to dry completely

 Step 6: Paint on some Creative Inspirations paint. I'm using Green Olive.

Step 7: Allow to dry
 Step 8: Apply a second coat of CI paint if desired.

Step 9: Allow to dry

Step 10: Decorate!

I'll walk you through what I did...
 I used black StazOn  to ink up my stamp (Fancy Pants)

 I then carefully stamped my image on the domino. This can be tricky as the stamp wants to slide on  the slick surface.

 I then covered part of the domino with Rock Candy Distress Crackle paint. This is a clear crackle paint by Ranger, and it is a great way to add interest and texture.

 When that was dry, I rubbed in some Distress ink. (like other crackle projects I've shown, the paint will resist the ink. This means that the ink will only stay on the insides of the cracks... It is a great way to bring out the texture and give an antiqued look

 Step 11: Coat with a sealant.  This is a very important step to ensure your painted masterpiece can withstand water and scratches.

When mine was dry, I strung a cording through it with a simple knot, and made a fun necklace. (yes, I know, pink doesn't really match the domino, but hey, it was that or a blue-green cord...LOL) You can really see the shimmer of the CI paints in this photo.
 I'm thinking they would make some fun Christmas ornaments... Now I want to go play! =)

have a wonderful day!

Friday, November 26, 2010

who says you can't have candy for breakfast?

Anyone hungry?

Perhaps my family is a bit strange, but it is tradition to make gingerbread houses (or trains, or trees...) on Thanksgiving.  It is also traditional to decorate these gingerbread masterpieces with Starbursts.  

Each year our creativity is challenged as we try to "out do" last year's project... 

This year, I think my brother and his wife really stepped up to the challenge! This fabulous breakfast is made from Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, frosting, pepper, and ketchup. (and yes, my brother did eat some of it. LOL!)

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

flickin' snow...

I've got another Christmas card to share with you all today...  This one has a little bit more going on because it was made for my Saturday tutorial over at Creative Inspirations blog.

Paper: white cardstock
Stamps: Great Impressions "Country Snowman", Prima "Music", Glitz "Distressing"
Ink: VersaMark, VersaMagic, Distress, Mark-it
CI paint: Winer Frost
Other: ribbon, embossing powder

In this photo you can see all the speckled shimmery goodness of the flicking technique.
You can check out the CI blog for a full tutorial, but basically, I get a very juicy pile of paint loaded onto a paint brush, and flick it all over the place.  (this is a very fun way to get random splotches, but be aware... you will get paint on everything else in the area, so you may want to cover or move anything you don't want shimmery.)

 I also did a little masking of the snowman, and lightly stamped a background. A little faux stitching with a pen decorates the edges.
Ok.. enough of me yakkin' for now. =)
Have a fabulous Saturday!

Friday, November 19, 2010

a few quickies

Hey everyone! 
I had plans to get some of the Christmas cards posted yesterday, but I chose a very inconvenient time to be klutzy.... so, now that the swelling has gone down, and I can think straight again, I'm here to share a few cards. =) 

This first one uses some masking and stamping.... Nothing overly fancy as I am on a time crunch here. 
Paper: white cardstock
Ink: Distress, Archival, American Crafts
Stamps: Great Impressions "Winter Bicycle" "Merry Christmas", Glitz "Distressing"
Other: ribbon, Accents Essentials, and Cricut "Plantin Schoolbook" (for the mask)

This next one is is a simple stamped background with the focal image heat embossed over it. A few rhinestones and a big red bow to "tie" it all together... LOL!
Paper: White cardstock
Ink: Distress ink, Tsukineko All Purpose ink, VersaMark
Stamps: Inkadinkado "Holiday Filigree", SEI "Mimosa"
Other: embossing powder, ribbon, rhinestones

So there are a couple of the Christmas cards I have been doing... I know they are simple, but I have a ton to get done in the next few weeks, so I decided I would stick with simple and done rather than fancy and me wanting to tear my head off with stress. LOL!

Have a fabulous evening!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

roses are red...

Hey everyone! 
I'm currently on a mad dash to get my Christmas card requests done, and  haven't been taking the time to photograph each one when I finish... I'll get to that before I send them off though =)

AND... I am happy to say that my brand new Cricut Expression is sitting happily in my studio. *sigh*  My old one was getting very finicky, and was suffering from a slow and painful death, so I knew it was time to replace it.  My first cut on the new machine was amazing! I had forgotten what it was like to not have to force feed the paper in. LOL!

Anyway, I wanted to jump on today and share the card I made for the current challenge over at the CI blog.  The theme for this week is mythology.  I LOVE mythology! I love the different stories from the different cultures!  And I had a very hard time choosing which myth to let inspire me... I finally went with one of the first myths I remember learning (and knowing it was mythology).... The story of Demeter and Persephone and how the seasons came to be... It is a story about Hades snatching Persephone and keeping her in the underworld to be his queen... while she was gone, her mother morned her loss and stopped the earth from growing (winter)... when she finally got her daughter back, she made the flowers grow again (spring)... 
Paper: white cardstock
Stamps: Fancy Pants "Delight", Kaisercraft "Grunge", Inkadinkado "Letter", Prima "Music"
Cricut: Create a Critter, Cindyloo
Ink: Distress, Archival, Memento, VersaMark, Alcohol ink
Creative Inspirations Paint: Rose Quartz
Other: ribbon, embossing powder, stamen, Diamond Dust

For the base of the card, I used white cardstock. The brown side is just covered in Distress ink, then stamped over. I heat embossed the other side with white embossing powder, and then covered in Distress ink. This gives a very stark resist.
The ribbon was painted with Rose Quartz, then stamped with Archival ink

The flower is made up of 15 individual petals I designed using Cindyloo and my Gypsy. They are all inked and stamped, then I added glue to the edges and dipped them in colored Diamond Dust.  The whole thing is then glued together and stamens inserted in the center.

Diamond Dust is a glitter made of tiny flakes of glass...To color the Diamond Dust, I simply put some in a small plastic bag, add a drop or two of Alcohol ink, and shake.  I then dump them out onto paper to dry.  

 The leaf is from Create  a Critter. It has been stamped, inked, scrunched, then partially coved in colored Diamond Dust.

I'm hoping that once things settle back down here at my house, I will get back in the habit of sharing more of what I'm doing on my blog.... Just gotta get through the next couple of months, and I might be able to slow down enough to take a breath... Or, maybe not... LOL!

Ok.... Guess I better get back to work...  I'll try to get pictures taken of the Christmas cards I've been working on to share with you.
Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

diggin' in the stash...

To be completely honest, as much as I love ink, I don't use pigment ink for stamping very much... I usually use dye or solvent inks. So, I dug out some old (ok, very old) pigment inks to play with for a challenge. So, this is just a quickie I started last night and finished up this morning...
Paper: Bazzill, white card
Stamps: Inkadinkado "Beauty Stems From Here", Fancy Pants "Delight"
Ink: Distress ink, VersaMark, Colorbox Chalk ink, Powder Puff
Other: glitter, ribbon, embossing powder, rhinestones

After embossing the flower, I added a little bit of color with Distress ink, and a couple colors of glitter to the center.
Rhinestones... what can I say, I love them. =)

Notice the stamping on the black paper. That is what I was playing with... Because pigment ink is opaque, it shows up well on dark paper. (It probably would have worked better if the ink wasn't so old...)
Anyway, nothing fancy, but it was a good reminder of how fun pigment inks can be.... It can be easy to get stuck in a rut and use the same things over and over... That's why I like to challenge myself to use different techniques/products every once in a while.

So go dig out something you haven't used in a while, and rediscover why you once loved it. =)


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

catch them leaves...

Well, Autumn has hit my house.... Leaves are dropping of the trees in heaps! We can't keep up with the crunch bits of color.

And in honor of this, I have a fall card to share with you. I decided not to dress it up to frilly so it can be used as a masculine card.
Paper: Coredinations, watercolor paper, white cardstock
Ink: Distress ink, Memento, Powder puff, VersaMark
Stamps: Inkadinkado "Letter", "Fall squares"
Creative Inspirations Paint: Cunshine
Other: Provo Craft "Divine Swirls" embossing folder, Embossing powder, waxy flax

I colored the cardstock yellow with distress ink. I then embossed the leaves with clear embossing powder. After that, I applied a thick layer of brown ink over the whole thing. The clear embossing powder acts a a resist and the light color pops.

I then mixed water into a puddle of Sunshine CI paint and flicked it over the piece. This gives it a random flash of shimmer.
I ran the blue paper through my Cuddlebug to emboss the swirls. I sanded the top of it to bring out the soft inner color.

A little edge inkin' and layering, and this card is done.

This card is not only season appropriate, but it fits the requirements for the CI challenge of the week... You can check it out here.

I really need to get some scrapbooking done... but, first I think I need to make Christmas cards.... Guess I better get back to work... LOL!
Have a wonderful day!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

pink polka dots...

Hello everyone!
I've decided to take a short break from holiday projects to share an any-day card. (Don't worry, more holiday projects are sure to show up here soon.)
Paper: Bazzill, watercolor paper, acetate, white cardstock
Stamps: Inkadinkado "Beauty Stems From Here"
Ink: Staz-on, Distress, Memento
Die Cuts: Nestabilities "Label Six"
CI paint: Pink Highlights
Other: Provo Craft "Polka Dots" embossing folder, ribbon
The flowers were watercolored with various shades of Distress ink.

I stamped the dragonfly twice... Once on the card, and once on a scrap of acetate. I painted the back side of the wings with Creative Inspirations Paint Pink Highlights. It is a clear color with a pink shimmer in the right light... So much fun! I then cut out the acetate dragonfly and glued the two dragonflies together. I put glue only body so the wings could move freely...

The ribbon was dyed using Distress reinkers and water in a mini mister. I sprayed the ribbon, and let it dry. I love how well it matches and how smooth the color is. *you can also dye ribbon with the Distress ink pads.. Simply swipe the pad over a non porous surface (like an acrylic block) spritz with water, then drag your ribbon through the puddle of ink. Simple, simple. and a little messy, but that makes it fun. =)*
I sent the pink paper through my Cuttlebug to emboss polka dots... Since Bazzill is not a color core, I used ink to highlight the raised areas. I chose to go with a pink to give it a nice subtle tone on tone look...

Well, that's it for me... off to get more stuff done...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

polka dots and pumpkins...

Well, the last two days, I have been working my tail off in my studio... So much so, that I had every intension of blogging, but I got so lost in my crafting that I totally forgot! SORRY!!!

This week's challenge over at Creative Inspirations Paint blog is to find inspiration in the Pumpkin Patch... What a fun and fitting challenge for this time of year, yes?
Here is what I made:
Paper: White cardstock
Stamps: Fancy Pants "Doodles and Things", Kaiser Craft "Grid", Inkadinkado "Autumn Foliage", SEI "Mimosa"
Ink: Distress, Archival, VersaMark
CI paint: Mango (love this color!!)
Other: embossing powder, glitter, ribbon

So, how did I incorporate the CI paints into this project? Well, I didn't want to over power the image with bling, so I made a reverse mask out of a scratch paper, so only the inside of the pumpkin was visible. I then stamped a polka dot background with Mango onto the pumpkin. I then used Distress inks to watercolor the image in. This gives more subtle effect, as well as being unexpected.

I painted the flowers in with glue. I then dumped glitter on them. I was going to put rhinstones on the centers, but I got distracted, and then my sister came and took the card... (she likes to use the cards I make, and I like to have them used, so it works out well. LOL)

The ribbon seemed a little stark after how vintage-y the card turned out, so I used Archival ink to stamp a background on the ribbon. This helps tone it down.

Well, there you have it... Now it's your turn. You still have a couple days to get your projects done and linked to the CI site. This is your last chance to get into the October prize drawing, so get pumpkin-pickin'!