Friday, February 25, 2011

perfectly imperfect...

I have a confession to make... 

I am terrible at journaling! 

 As much as I love to write, I just can't seem to write in a journal. I guess we could say I have issues with official journals. I have always felt like things in a book are more lasting, and someday my children will read through it... I didn't want to write anything that was boring... And I always worried about what it looked like.. was my handwriting neat enough?  Should I doodle, or was that childish...
However, if I was just pouring out my feelings onto a scrap paper, or doodling my thoughts on my math homework, it was no big deal.. In fact, that writing helped me deal with some really hard times in my life. Do I wish I had all those scraps of paper I opened myself up to?  YES!  For a while I tried just keeping a box of papers I had written on.. I still have it, but it is so disorganized, I don't know I could find anything in there if I had to.  I would always go back to trying to write in an official notebook or journal, but I would only get a few entries before I would go back to my worries and scraps. 

I once again have the "urge" to keep a more organized journal... However, I know that I can't keep doing the same thing, in the same way over and over and expect to suddenly get a different outcome.. 

My newest idea that I have decided to try is keeping an Art Journal.

I don't know if this will work any better than anything else I've tried, but it sounded fun.

My basic idea for right now, is to create pages on 8x8 pieces of cardboard (I have tons from moving!).. These pages are blank canvases to play on.. I can do what ever my heart feels inspired to do at the moment. Add some thoughts (as much or as little as I feel inspired to do), and date it. 
When I first started playing around with the idea a few days ago, I struggled with the same problem as writing in an official book... I felt it had to look like a master piece... Yesterday, I realized that IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT!  It was actually quite liberating to just add color, texture, and words without caring what any one thought about it.  Without trying to impress anyone, not even myself, I just had fun. And oddly enough, I liked the results. It isn't what I would normally think of when thinking of myself, but I guess in the moment I made it I was feeling bright and random. LOL!

No, they don't all have words on them yet...I need to get a better black marker for this. What I did write is really hard to see. =(

I don't know how long it will last, but I'm having fun with it now, and I think that is as important as anything. 

Someday my kids can dig though the box of random papers that contain some of my darkest days, they can flip thorough random cardboard art pages, they can read the emails I written to my closest friends... And maybe, somewhere between it all, they can get a glimpse of who I am when I'm not trying to be what I think I "should" to be.  


Thursday, February 24, 2011

lucky day...

Well, I feel like I am back in UT. We have gotten a fair amount of snow yesterday and today. I had to shovel out a path for my little dogs this morning... Whoever told me that this part of WA doesn't get enough snow to have to shovel... ummm...

anyway, I've been keeping nice and warm inside and getting some crafting done. Guess I can't complain too much. =)

Now that I'm farther from family, I have to think about holidays a little earlier than I used to. I decide to start working on St. Patty's day.  My niece has had a hard time with us moving so far, so I thought this would be a great time to send a little card and gift.
 Paper: white cardstock, crepe paper
Ink: Archival (Jet Black)
Stamps: Clear Dollar Stamps "Thumbkins"
Creative Inspirations paint: Spring green
Embossing Folder: Provo Craft "Polka Dots"
Other: ribbon, toule, fabric, brad

The ruffle is made from crepe paper that has been painted with CI paint. (I'll be doing a step by step tutorial on Saturday over at the CI blog on crepe paper ruffles, so check it out!)

The flower is actually a hair clip I made for my niece. I just clipped it onto the ribbon. It is a great way to give a small gift like a hair clip as part of the card. 

I painted the toule with the same Spring Green CI paint as the crepe paper. I know it is really bright (lots brighter than I usually do!), but I thought she would like it. =)

Have a fabulous day everyone! Stay safe and warm. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

magnets and sprays...

Hey everyone! 

This was last Saturday's tutorial over at the Creative Inspiration blog... We made tile magnets!
Click here to see the whole step-by-step tutorial (it's easy, I promise!)

Close up of one of the stone tiles... I love the texture!  I used Sky Blue CI paint and Staz-on ink with an Inkadinkado stamp. The are quick, easy, and inexpensive to make!  

Since I just moved into a new studio apartment, I made some for my fridge... Unfortunately, I decided to show my mom them... She decided they should be on HER fridge, and yes, that is where they are... Guess I need to make more (and not let them leave my house!) =)
*love ya Mom!*

 This one I didn't share on the CI blog... I thought I should share a little something more for those who have come here to visit me here. =)

For this tile, I simply "inked" up the stamp (another Inkadinkado) with CI Denium paint and stamped it. SUPER easy!  It reminds me of those blue willow plates (or whatever they are called...). You could do this with any color paint or ink (just make sure to use an ink that is made for non-porus surfaces). If you want a little added durability, coat with either a brush on or spray on sealer. 
*Warning: These are small, and they are magnets... keep away from small children and pets! Please!*

Look what I got in the mail the other day...
there are 100 of these little mister bottles! (can you tell I like sprays? LOL!)  I'm so excited to fill them all up with colors and start playing!  First up will be all my distress inks, and all purpose inks. =)


Thursday, February 17, 2011

another thanks to give...

I've been meaning to post this for a while now... I guess I'm still settling into life again. lol!

This is for the real estate agent who helped us get this house here in WA.  She was great! It isn't easy buying a house long distance, but she was fabulous! And when we walked into our new house, there was a HUGE basket of fruit waiting for us! SO sweet!
Paper: My Mind's Eye, white cardstock, crepe paper
Ink: Tsukineko All Purpose ink (Sand), Memento (Rich Cocoa), Glimmer Mist (Dewberry)
Stamps: Fancy Pants "On a Whimsey"
Creative Inspirations Paint: Green Olive
Other: Prima flower, ribbon, brad

The flower was sprayed with Glimmer mist. I love the deep rich color with flecks of sparkle!

The ribbon was painted with Green Olive CI paint. Just look at that shimmer! Behind that is crepe paper that has been sprayed with All Purpose ink and then gathered on the sewing machine.

I hope she likes it, and I hope she knows how grateful we are for all of her help! We love our new home!

Monday, February 14, 2011

crafting up a storm...

I've been sitting inside today listening to the rain fall.  I love the rain. I love falling asleep to the sound of the water hitting the roof, and watching it fall from the skies. So amazing!  
LOL... radio just said to put new batteries in our flashlights in case power goes out... so much fun. =)

With all the rain, I've had a lot of time to spend in my new studio. I'm loving it!  

 Paper: Fancy Pants, Coredinations
Ink: Distress ink (Fired Brick, Barn Door), All Purpose Ink (Sky Blue), Smooch Spritz (Vanilla Shimmer), Alcohol ink (Meadow)
Cricut: Cindyloo, Plantin Schoolbook
Other: ribbon, acrylic paint, Tim Holtz Adornments, Prima flower, pearls, jump rings, brad, Perfect Pearls

I died the ribbon with Fired Brick and Barn Door distress ink... this is very messy... even when dry, it can transfer ink, so be careful!  For the flower, I mixed some All Purpose ink with acrylic paint and brushed it over the raised areas. I then covered it in a heavy coat of Smooch Spritz.  I used the same tinted paint to cover the metal bird. Before it had time to dry, I wiped off a lot of the paint to highlight the details.  Because of the jump rings, the bird swings freely from the brad. 

Honestly, these aren't the colors I usually gravitate to, but it is sometimes fun to challenge yourself to break from your norm. 

off to enjoy the storm. Stay safe and dry everyone!

Friday, February 11, 2011

thank you...

It's so good to be back!  Unpacking, organizing, exploring... it has taken me more time than I expected to get back into the swing of everyday life, but it has been amazing! I love the new area, my new studio (much bigger than my old one), the ocean is only an hour away, my backyard IS a forest, and the people are small-town friendly... God is good.

I have some thank you cards to make for those who helped to make this move possible for my family... This is the first one. It is for the real estate agent that helped us sell our old house. She was great!
 Paper: My Minds Eye, white cardstock
Ink: Archival (Jet Black), Distress ink (Pumice Stone, Soot Black), Staz-on (Jet Black), Colorbox Chalk (Blackberry)
Stamps: Hampton Arts "Artsy Edges", Clear Dollar Stamps "Thoughtful Notes"
Creative Inspirations Paint: Burgundy
Other: Ribbon, eyelet, key, rhinestones

The ribbon was painted with Burgundy CI paint... I'm not very patient when it comes for waiting for something to dry. This is partly because I want to get things done, and partly because when I set things aside to dry, 1 of 3 things usually happens: 1) I drop/bump the wet item, and it gets all over the floor, 2) I set something down on top of it without thinking, or 3) I brush against it and get the paint/ink all over me. LOL!  My solution has been that when ever possible, I either dry things with my heat gun or take it outside to dry.  I like to take ribbons outside to dry because not all ribbons like heat guns.  In UT, it took a minute or so of dancing around with the ribbon outside for it to dry. Well.. while making this card, I couldn't use my heat gun because we didn't have power most of the morning (small town... go fig), so I took the ribbon outside. 15 min. later it was still as wet as when I hung it over my railing. Guess I'm not in the desert anymore!  I ended up hanging it in front of my fireplace.

I'm not sure what this key is for.. I have a jar of old keys from my parents and grandparents houses... the locks they go to have long been forgotten or changed.  I thought it a good accent for our real estate agent though. I was going to heat emboss "thanks" on the key, but due to no power, I ended up just using Staz-on ink.  It works. 

Thank You Lisa for all you did for us!