Wednesday, November 30, 2011

shell ornaments...

Deck the halls with trees of sea shells....

December is almost here... with it brings Christmas music, family traditions, and Christmas trees. I love seeing graceful trees full of tiny twinkling lights and beautiful ornaments!  I am excited to say, that I spent some time last night to put up a tree in my apartment and fill it full of white lights (I'm a bit of an old style girl... I love plain white lights!).   I plan on covering my tree with only shells and silver bells. I also made another batch of shell ornaments, so I also spent time last night making another batch of shells so I will have enough.

I shared a finished ornament a few days ago, but I wanted to share exactly how I make them today.
Step 1: Using pliers, twist a length of wire into a small circle with a twisted stem, as seen above.

Step 2: Attach your wire circle to your shell using hot glue.  This creates the place for you to add your hook, so it will be the top of the ornament.

 Step 3: Mix 2 parts Mod Podge to 1 part water. I use an old embossing powder jar so I can make a large pot and save it for the next time.

 Step 4: Using a soft bristle paint brush, apply a thin layer of glue mixture to the shell. If you want the natural color of the shell to show through, make sure there are no puddles of glue as that will make the glitter too thick.  Just keep it thin.

 Step 5: Cover your shell with glitter. Because we have already attached the metal ring, you have a perfect little hand hold. (when shaking excess glitter off your shell, make sure to shack it OUT of the shell too!)

 Step 6: Allow your shells to dry completely. 

Step 7: While your shells are drying, tie a bunch of bows. Because I have a bunch of different size shells, I have tied bows with a couple sizes of ribbon as well as simple string. 

Step 8: When your bows are made and your shells are dry, use hot glue to attach your bow(s) to cover any exposed glue where the metal circle is attached. I also like to glue little pearls or rhinestones to the centers of the bows for the finishing touch.

I would show you my tree all covered with shells, but I have yet to find my hooks, so my tree is still shell-less. =(   I may just have to go to the store and buy new ones... 


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I'll be honest... the last week or so, I have been in a creative "writers block".  I've felt like every time I sit down in my studio I end up staring off into space with no inspiration, or giving up and playing on the computer. Highly un-productive. It's been SO frustrating!  

I am happy to say that this morning, I seem to have had a break through!  Apparently all it take is meds and caffeine (for the migraine), left-over cherry pie (for the meds), and staying up until after 3 am (because of the meds).  =)

I don't have a finished project to share today, but I thought I would give you a backstage glimpse into my creative process...

 First up we have the "if at first you don't succeed, rework it!" part.  I had die cut a crown for this LO, but I ended up not liking the colors.  Instead of just cutting it out with different paper, I decided to paint one of the colors (after I had glued the pieces together...). Yeah... didn't work so well. Let's just say I'm a kinda sloppy painter....   So, again, instead of just cutting a new one... I decided to scrap the whole "die cut" idea, and instead turn the negative cuts from the crown into a mask and just paint the thing on!

It actually worked out well... I ended up doing a coat of white acrylic, then dry brushing glue on and sprinkling the thing with glitter.  I like it. 

The next thing you will notice when in my studio, is that I am a total "improv artist" as they say in theatre.  I am horrible at pre-planning a LO. I have good intentions... I select the papers and embellies I want to use, and I sometimes even have a general idea of how I want it to look. However, when it comes time to making the LO, I usually end up ditching most (if not all) of my "pre-planned" ideas and doing something else on the fly. I just try different things until I like the basics, then I embellish as needed. 

Because of this "improv" system, I end up changing my mind a lot. (and a lot of times it is AFTER I've glued things down...)  So, you may notice masking is my friend!

Next up... I like details. These "details" often include an amazing amount of time. However, at 2:30 am, one's brain can start thinking that crazy, time consuming ideas are exactly what the project needs. Hence me punching TONS of tiny circles out of red liner tape to make random foiled polka dots. (why I couldn't just find a foiled paper, use embossing powder and stamps, or wait until tomorrow and go buy glue dots like any normal person, I have no idea. But, there you go.)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this crazy backstage glimpse. I probably should go to bed now. =)


 (and, just in case you are wondering....yes, I talk to in-adament objects while crafting, but I hear you don't need to worry until they talk back...)

Monday, November 28, 2011

watercolor cards...

Happy  Monday-after-Thankgiving!  

I have been happily enjoying leftover turkey sandwiches this past week end... I think those might just be the best part of Thanksgiving dinner. =)

I have also been finishing up on the large collection of "simple" cards my sister requested for Christmas....

These cards are all blank on the inside making them perfect for any occasion!  They were also a lot of fun to make.  I felt like I was back in kindergarten making crayon shaving pictures. =)

The colorful backgrounds were made from coffee filters. I love how they can withstand heat and water! Makes them the perfect surface for this technique.  

I first saturated the coffee filter with a mixture of water and Perfect Pearls (for shimmer).  I then took my watercolor crayons and shaved of thin bits with a craft knife.  I did this right over my wet filter so they would land randomly.  When they hit the water, they started dissolving and wicking in random ways. When I was happy with the amount of color on there, I gave a few more squirts of water to dissolve any remaining clumps, then dried it with my heat gun.  The crayons have such vibrant pigments! 

I used my watercolor crayons and shimmer water fir the stamped images. I first VERY lightly misted the stamp, then colored directly on the stamp with my watercolor crayons.  I then added another light mist or two to dissolve the crayon, and stamped... It isn't a perfect impression, but it has a fabulous watercolor look!  A few faux pearls for dimension, and a sting bow, and they're ready to go!


Supplies Used:
Paper: Paper Studio, white cardstock
Stamps: Tim Holtz "Natures Elements"
Ink: All Purpose Ink (Rose Pink, Cerulean Blue, Burgundy, Autumn Leaf, Peony Purple, Ash Rose)
Dies: Quickutz "Nesting Ovals"
Other: Coffee Filters, Watercolor Crayons, Perfect Pearls, faux pearls, string

Saturday, November 26, 2011

fabric resist...

Good morning everyone! 
I hope you are survived the mad rush of Black Friday... I decided not to do the shopping scene this year.

I know I said that I was not going to be writing for Creative Inspirations, but they asked if I would do one tutorial a month, and since I love the paint and writing tutorials, I said I would... So, here I am...

Today I want to share a fun twist on the old resist =)

Heres what you need:
Chipboard shape
Creative Inspirations Paint
white on white fabric*
dry adhesive
cotton swab

*white on white fabric is a white cotton fabric with a white design printed on it. It's faint, but you can sorta see the flower design on the fabric in this photo. I don't know what they use to print the design, but it works as a resist!

 Step 1: cover one side of your chipboard shape with your dry adhesive. 

 Step 2: firmly press your white on white fabric over your adhesive. This will act as a stabilizer for your fabric.

 Step 3: trim away excess fabric.  I like to leave a leave a little over hang for a tattered look (see next step)

 Step 4: If you want a tattered look, use your fingernails to fray the edges of the fabric... If you are having troubles fraying it, try making a few snips with your scissors and pulling strings from there.
If you don't want it tattered, just trim off all over hanging fabric.

 Step 5: water down some Creative Inspirations Paint. You can add water right in the jar (CI paints are water based, so adding water won't hurt them, just thin them... However, I like to do my mixing on a non-stick craft sheet so I can keep the rest of the paint a little thicker. 

 Step 6: paint your fabric. Because you thinned it down, it should spread on easily and it won't make the frayed edges too stiff.

Step 7: dip one end of your cotton swab in water and gently rub the CI paint off the design. Don't over-do the rubbing as you can rub off the sparkle, just gently go over the design. 

 Once it's dry, it's ready to use!

I love the combination of shimmer and texture!


Supplies Used:
Paper: Chipboard, white cardstock, kraft
Stamps: TPC Studio "Faithful Expressions"
Ink: Distress Ink (Walnut Stain), Memento (Tuxedo Black), MarkIt (Tuxedo Black)
Creative Inspirations Paint: Rustic Red, Mocha Latte
Cricut: Gypsy Wandering
Other: Fabric, button, string

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

turning gears...

Does this make my mouth look big?

 This kid cracks me up with what he will do for the camera... Here, he is smashing his mouth into a magnifying glass. Why?  No idea.   =)

I used my Cricut to cut out a bunch of gears from chipboard with Accents Essentials. (I think they are supposed to be flowers, but I like them better for gears.)
I covered them with VersaMark, then 2-3 layers of UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel).  I then did a very thin layer of silver embossing powder. The silver floated on top of the UTEE, giving it a some what distressed look. To add even more texture, I sprinkled on some UTEE and let it partially melt. As it melted, it pushed the floating silver away, leaving little dots of clear.  However, if you try to melt it all the way, it will just mix with the silver and you lose the effect. 
I also pressed a rubber stamp into the hot embossing powder to leave a script image. I sponged on black acrylic paint, and then wiped it off leaving behind the paint in all the little indentations. This really brings out the texture!

Ok.. lights are flickering... this storm may knock out our power yet.. guess I should get off the internet.


Supplies Used: 
Paper: My Minds Eye, Coredinations, Bazzill, chipboard
Stamps: Inkadinkado "Letter", Clear ARt Stamps "Frame It"
Ink: VersaMark, StazOn (Jet Black), Distress Ink (Black Soot), Memento (Tuxedo Black), MarkIt (Stone Grey), All Purpose Ink (Cool Gray)
Cricut: Accents Essentials
Dies: Quickutz "Nesting Circles"
Other: Glossy Accents, UTEE, embossing powder, brads, acrylic paint, acrylic, string

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

berry mousy

I'm sitting here watching the rain fall, and the river across the street, and I find that I am very thankful for a warm dry house, and the fact that my house is uphill from the river... =)

I have been busy worrying about getting Christmas cards made, but I had to take some time to focus on birthday cards since there are 2 family b-days in Dec... 

I love this image from Penny Black!
 I used watercolor crayons to paint the image. I have fallen in love with watercolor crayons over the past summer... They are easy to use, and very portable. I often stamp a bunch of images on watercolor paper and just take them and my crayons and water brush where ever I'm going.. I can paint when I have a second, and there is very little to clean up when I have to stop.

This floating mouse was stamped twice.. The first time, directly onto the card, the second time on a separate piece of paper.  I then colored the second one and added flocking to the dandelion puff. I then cut out the mouse and the dandelion puff and attached them over the first image using pop dots ... Because the image was stamped on the card, I didn't have to worry about fussy cutting the stem or tail..


Supplies Used:
Paper: Coredinations, kraft, watercolr paper
Ink: Archival Ink (Jet Black), Distress Ink (Walnut Stain), VersaMark
Stamps: Glitz "Distressing", Penny Black "Make a Wish"
Other: Doodlebug flocking, embossing powder, Recollections faux pearls, string

Monday, November 21, 2011

chalk it up...

Well, It's Monday morning, and I am sitting here in my studio in front of the fireplace, and trying to force myself to be productive... It's one of those days that I could easily lose myself in a good book or a heart wrenching chick-flick...*sigh*

Oh well, losing myself in creative studio time isn't such a bad idea either!  

 Not long ago, I decided to pull out a long neglected scrapbook medium and try to bring it back into use...  What medium? Chalk. I have a bunch of scrapbook chalks from a couple different brands, and they have been sitting in a drawer for ages... 

So, I pulled them out and began playing with chalk and stencils...
Well, I guess you can say I now remember why they are sitting in a drawer neglected...  I don't know if they are too old (does chalk get too old?), if they just aren't a high quality chalk, or maybe it's user error, but I really don't like working with them... They didn't spread well, and they seemed too hard... Maybe I'm just used to working with artist grade chalks, but I was disappointed... I've been reading about some other chalks (PanPastels) and they sound more like what I was expecting in chalks.... anyone know anything about them?  I might have to get my hands on some and try them out.

I couldn't, however, let all my hard effort go to waste, so here's a quick card... 


Supplies Used:
Paper: My Minds Eye, white cardstock
Ink: VersaMark, Distress Ink (Vintage Photo, Black Soot)
Dies: Quickutz "Nesting Ovals"
Other: brass stencil, embossing powder, string, rhinestones

Friday, November 18, 2011

trim the (beach) tree...

A few weeks after the summer tourism calmed down, but it was still warm, I learned a new beach combing skill... I always thought you just walk up and down the beach. That's how I have always done it... However, after talking to some people who have been doing it a long time, they taught me that the best shells are found in the water before they hit the rocks of the beach. 

There had been some stormy weather, and the water was high with some strong currents, so a lot of shells had been stirred up.  They told me to wade out in the water and snag the shells as the waves bring them in. You can tell the empty ones because they just roll around in the water.  

So... I waded out thigh deep (I didn't dare get any deeper with the waves and currents), and watched as the waves rolled in and stirred up the sand. I would then shoot my hand (up to my shoulder at times) into the water and snag the beautiful shells as they swirled in the water. (don't worry, I ALWAYS throw back ones with live animals living in them!!!)

Well, that day, I got a HUGE haul of shells that were in really good condition since they hadn't been bashed against the rocks. I had to do something with them, so I decided that  Christmas ornaments would be perfect!

I've been making these like crazy this year.  I water down some Mod Podge, brush on a VERY thin layer, then dip it in a bowl of glitter. They then have to dry. I'll be honest, that is the only part that takes a long time. While drying, I twist wire into a circle with a tail (it looks kinda like a magnifying glass), and tie a bunch of little bows. For this one I used ribbon and twine. I then use hot glue to attach the wire in the top of the shell, and glue the bows over the wire to hide the glue. I also added a little pearl to the center of the bow... These are super simple, yet SO elegant! I can't wait to decorate a tree with a whole ton of these beauties!


Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well, after quite a bit of rain and wind last night, our trees are looking pretty bare... They are even throwing around the dreaded "S" word on the radio (SNOW)... 

Guess it could be worse... snow is pretty. =)
 Do you realize that December is creeping up on us REALLY fast????   I've been working on Christmas cards like crazy the last while!

This one uses a very basic resist technique... THe snowflakes were stamped randomly on white paper with VersaMark. I then heat embossed them with a clear pearl embossing powder.   After they cooled, I sponged on a whole tone of the new limited edition "Iced Spruce" Distress ink..I love this color!  To add sparkle, I then added a wash of Creative Inspirations Paint "Fairy Dust".  The ink and paint wipe right off the embossed areas with a slightly damp rag.

I then used Archival ink to stamp the snowman onto  a scrap of white cardstock. I coated the snow part of him with CI "Fairy Dust", then went in with distress inks to add color and shadows.  Pumice Stone Distress ink is great for warm shadows, but Iced Spruce is perfect for the cool shadows! I then cut him out... the arms were too thin to cut out well, so I just cut them off. Instead, I painted some string with Chocolate CI and threaded it through little slits where the arms should be... It adds some great character!

Finally, the snowman was attached using pop dots for just a little added dimension. 

A little sewing and distressing of the edges, rhinestones for pop, and it was ready to attach to a kraft card base... Tie it up with a little string, and it's good to go!


Supplies Used
Paper: kraft, white cardstock
Ink: VersaMark, Archival (Coffee), Distress Ink (Victorian Velvet, Peeled Paint, Fired Brick, Gathered Twigs, Iced Spruce, Rusty Hinge)
Stamps: Inkadinkado "Snowflakes", Great Impressions snowman
Creative Inspirations Paint: Fairy Dust, Chocolate
Other: rhinestones, string, embossing powder, glossy accents

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

perfectly blue...

I don't know how people do it... 

I hear all these tales about people planning out their pages before they do them, going to crops with  just the papers and embellishments they need... I can't do it!  Every time I try selecting the things I'm going to use on a layout before hand, I end up doing something totally different and using few if any of the original things selected.... I guess I'm just stuck crafting in my studio with everything at my disposal... LOL!

When I first started working with this photo, I was going to use a bunch of pink papers... Since the photo is slightly tinted pink, it all looked very nice in a monochromatic way... However, it just never quite felt right... After my shopping trip for boy paper, I was thumbing through my new My Minds Eye "Completely Boy" pack and found this beautiful soft blue paper with distressed flowers in the corners.... I couldn't see me ever using that with my rough and tumble nephew, so I started playing with it for this photo... it gave such an nice contrast to the photo, that I totally scrapped the monochrome pink idea and went with this... I love how it turned out!

The butterflies were made in 2 parts. (yes, I've been doing this butterfly from Inspired by Stamping a lot... What can I say? I love it!) The bottom part was stamped on mulberry paper with pigment ink, then embossed with a clear pearl embossing powder. I then hand cut them out.  The top layer was stamped with StazOn ink on a clear craft plastic. I then hand cut that out. I knotted some twine around the bottom butterfly leaving the tails at the top. I added some Glossy Accents to the body of the butterfly and attached the top butterfly to the bottom butterfly... A few rhinestones add extra dimension and bling... (although it sounds really time consuming and complex, it is actually really simple, and quick! And the clear embossing on the mulberry looks so delicate for butterfly wings!!!)


Supplies Used:
Paper: My Minds Eye, Copic Illustration paper, Recollections craft plastic, Mulberry paper, acetate
Ink: Archival Ink (Coffee), All Purpose Ink (Truffle, Cherry Pink), Colorbox Pigment (Pink, Chestnut Roan, Shabby Pink), StazOn (Timber Brown), VersaMark, MarkIt (Misty Blue)
Stamps: Inspired By Stamping "Butterfly Wings", Fancy Pants "In My Words" & "Pollen Dust", Inkadinkado "Letter"
Cricut: Home Decor
Dies: Quickutz "Nesting Circles"
Other: twine, embossing powder rhinestones, button

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Have you ever looked into a child's eyes and wished you knew what was going on in their head?  That is what this picture reminds me of...
Look at them blue eyes! *sigh*  He's gonna steal hearts when he's older!

I have been trying to do better at journaling, so I made some tags just for that purpose.  They are cut from white cardstock using the Stamped Cricut cartridge, then colored with Distress ink.  For intense color, I just rubbed the ink pad directly on the tag... the orange is Spiced Marmalade, and the blue green is Evergreen Bough (one of the winter seasonal set.. LOVE this color!)  For journaling, I have fallen in love with the Clear Art Stamps "Frame It" set... it has simple lines in both a square and a circle, then it has designs you can use to embellish, but you can also just use the lines. I love it!

 I wanted to add some tiny paperclips, but I didn't have any. So... I made some paper paperclips... I used the Fabulous Finds Cricut cartridge, then added several layers of silver embossing powder. They came out so cute!

I need to go print more photos so I can do more LOs... =)


Supplies Used
Paper: My Minds Eye, white cardstock
Stamps: Clear Art "Frame It", Stampendous "Sunflower"
Ink: Distress Ink (Spiced Marmalade, Evergreen Bough), Colorbox Pigment (Frost White), Archival Ink (Jet Black), VersaMark
Cricut: Stamped, Fabulous Finds, Calligraphy Collection
Other: EK Success border punch, Perfect Pearls, Tiny Attatcher, embossing powder, rhinestones, ribbon

Monday, November 14, 2011

clearly simply...

Another quick card set for my sister... these ones are blank.... 
The outside is make using craft plastic (similar to what clear stamps come on) folded as a normal card. Inside that is a smaller card made from kraft cardstock that I stamped with an large sea shell stamp from Tattered Angels. I punched a hole through the top layer of plastic and the top layer of the kraft cardstock so I could wrap the ribbon around the card and secure it in place through the hole. This helps keep the inside kraft card in place without showing any adhesive. I also added a tiny glue dot under the ribbon for added security.  

I love the look of the clear plastic... it makes it look so elegant without taking a lot of time. (perfect for the holidays!)


Supplies Used
Paper: kraft
Ink: Memento (Tuxedo Black)
Stamps: Tattered Angels "Sea Side"
Others: Recollections craft plastic, ribbon

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Ok... Not sure what I'm going to do with an altered coin envelope, but It was fun anyway. =)

 I was actually playing with curling satin ribbons, and I wanted to use them on a project.... 

Lots of distressing, a little sewing, and some baking went into this one.

The butterfly is stamped with Iced Spruce Distress ink (winter seasonal set), then the outline was embossed with gold. The ribbon was wrapped around a dowel and baked at 250 for about 15 minutes.. isn't it fun?

Anyway, have a great weekend!


Supplies Used
Paper: Bazzill, K&Co, My Minds Eye, white cardstock
Ink: Distress Ink (Iced Spruce, Frayed Burlap), VersaMark, Memento (Tuxedo Black)
Stamps: Inspired by Stamping "Butterfly Wings"
Other: EKSuccess border punch, ribbon, embossing powder, coin envelope

Friday, November 11, 2011

bright and bubbly...

It's the weekend!  Yay!

Today has been a very rainy day, so I'm in the mood for bit of bright and bubbly...

This LO was an eye opener for me... As I was looking through my sizable stack of papers, I found that I have very little in the basic brights... My nephew is getting old enough that the soft colors just don't fit him anymore... and he is far too energetic for the distress/vintage papers that make up most of my stash.  After this revelation, how could I not justify going to the store to buy paper?  =)

 All these circles were cut using Nesting Circle dies by Quickutz. I chose several lightly patterned papers and just cut tons of sizes.  Once I had a pile of circles, I just started playing. After gluing things down, I outlined all the circles in dot with a fine tip marker. I also highlighted random circles with stamps and white paint.

I also had some fun with photoshop... Normally I would stamp on the photography, but I decided to play with photoshop to get some different effects.  I love splotchy distressed mark... makes it look like the photo got wet at the beach. =)

I had so much fun working with the brights!  I can't wait to do more.


Supplies Used
Paper: Die Cuts with a View, Provo Craft
Ink: Colorbox Pigment (Frost White, Black), Markit (Tuxedo Black)
Stamps: Studio G, Clear Dollar Stamps "Thumbkins", Clear art stamps "Halloween" & "Frame It", Fancy Pants "On a Whimsy" & "Delight", Inspired by Stamping "Butterfly Wings"
Cricut: Stretch Your Imagination
Dies: Quickutz "Nesting Circles"
Other: acrylic paint

Thursday, November 10, 2011


There is something about watching kids play in the sand that is inspiring!

 Funny story about this LO.... I usually design my LOs on magnetic boards, then glue things down once I have everything how I like it... I knew that the yellow paper needed to be glued down to the 12x12 cardstock no matter what because it wasn't a full 12x12 sheet of patterned paper... Me, being the highly intelligent person that I am,  realized AFTER I had arranged all those little butterflies that I hadn't glued my base together... SO, I had to brush off all my carefully placed butterflies so I could glue my base together without smashing the butterflies. After that, I had to re-arrange all my butterflies so I could glue them down. Highly frustrating at the time, but funny now. =)    Guess I should think things through a little better....

These butterflies are have been punched out of patterned papers using the Martha Stewart butterfly punch. Only the bodies of each butterfly is glued down to allow the wings to lift. I also randomly adhered some of the butterflies with foam dots for added variety.  I then used a toothpick to apply Stickles to the bodies of each of the butterflies.

 Because I cut the word "soar" out of the same paper as the swirl, and I wanted the title to stand out, I applied a layer of Glossy Accents over the word.  It is a simple yet effective way to make certain elements pop. I love that stuff! =)


Supplies used:
Paper: Coredinations, Michelle Coleman "Wild Sorbet" digi paper
Ink: StazOn (Jet Black), Distress Ink (Wild Honey)
Creative Inspirations Paint: Fairy Dust
Cricut: Home Decor, Calligraphy Collection
Other: Martha Stewart Butterfly punch, Stickles, Glossy Accents

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

covered in fabric...

Recently I was asked how I make my fabric covers for my mini albums, so I thought I'd put together a tutorial for all those who are curious. =)

 What you need: Mod Podge (I prefer Matte finish, but Glossy works too), sponge brush, and fabric. To get an idea of how much fabric you need, wrap it loosely around your mini album then add a few inches... it doesn't hurt to have extra fabric, but it's bad not to have enough! 

*I have always used regular cotton fabric, so I'm not sure how well this works with other kinds of fabrics.*

 Step 1: Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the back side of your fabric.

Step 2: Allow at least 20 minutes to dry. (it may take longer if you are in a humid climate... just let it dry completely.)

 Step 3: Flip your fabric over and apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the front of your fabric.

Step 4: Allow at least 20 minutes drying time (or how ever long it takes to dry completely.)

Step 5: Repeat steps 2&3 until you have 5-6 layers on the front of your fabric. The back side only needs the one layer. 

*If you want some shimmer, you can mix in some Perfect Pearls or Pearl Ex powders to your last layer of Mod Podge*

Step 6: If you want a smooth finish, use a sanding block to gently sand your Mod Podged fabric. (you only need to sand the front side)

Step 7: Use a damp clot the wipe your fabric. This removes any dust particles from the sanding.

 Step 8: Use a strong adhesive to attach your fabric to the covers of your mini album. I use red liner tape around the outside edges, then my ATG gun to fill in between the red tape.

Step 9: Trim off the excess fabric. 

Although it takes time to do, it really is simple, and well worth the effort!