Saturday, August 25, 2012

good and stuck...

Hello my fabulously wonderful friends!

Have you ever opened a card and found more glitter sitting in the bottom of the envelope than is left on the card?  Or how about those scrapbook pages that when you look back at them, you find a mess of glitter covering the inside of the sheet protector... 

Yeah. I hate that!

For a long time that really turned me off to glitter. I just couldn't stand the mess!

Well, today I want to share with you some tips for using Creative Inspiration's Resplendence glitter.

Here is my super (not so secret) tool...

This, my friends, is a heat activated sticky embossing powder. A mouthful to say, but a fabulous thing to have!  This amazingly genius powder has been around for quite some time, although it doesn't seem to be widely known.  There are several companies that make a similar powder, this is just what I found at a local big box store.  

Allow me to give you a guided tour...

 First off, we start like any other embossing powder... ink up your stamp with a clear embossing ink.

 Next, stamp your image... not so hard, right?

 Continuing on in our typical embossing process, cover your stamped image with the heat activated sticky powder.

 Gently tap (don't flick) off the excess powder and return it to the jar. No waste. 
If you need to, use a fine tipped paint brush to remove any stray powder bits. Perfect!

 Ok, here's where we jump off the normal train. 

Gently heat the image from the UNDER side. Only heat until the powder turns shiny. Don't over-heat, or it won't work.

Cover the image with CI Resplendence...

Once again, heat the UNDER side briefly to set.

Once the paper has cooled, shake off the excess glitter. I like to shake it off into a coffee filter, and return it to the jar from there. Seems to be less messy.

Use a stiff paintbrush or your finger to brush off more of the extra glitter.

You may find that the stray glitter pieces are rather stubborn. If that is the case, you can use masking tape or a lint roller to clean up the image. This is how you really know the sticky powder works. I mean, if you can run a lint roller over it and the glitter stay put, it won't be going anywhere soon!

Now you have a beautiful sparkly stamped image!

But Kassi, you may say, what if none of the Resplendence colors match my project?
Never fear ye who are color OCD! I've got you covered! (after all, I'm a little OCD myself)

May I introduce you to my personal favorite Resplendence color...

Angel Dust

This is a beautiful clear iridescent fine glitter. LOVE IT!

Now, you may be asking, how does that help me?

Allow me to explain...

 Instead of using a clear embossing ink, use a pigment ink in the color of your choice to ink up your stamp. It does need to be a PIGMENT ink as only that kind of ink will stay wet and sticky long enough to hold the powder.

 Follow all the steps as before...

*sigh* Pretty, isn't it.

Here's another fabulous pigment ink idea...
Try using more than one color on the stamp!

(look familiar?)


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

simple and sparkly...

Hello my fabulous friends!

Well, after an emotional roller coaster yesterday, I decided I needed to end the day on something happy, so I made this... 

 Simple, happy, and sparkly!

I used a heat activated sticky embossing powder to add Creative Inspiration's Resplendence Angel Dust to the flower. Angel Dust is a clear iridescent glitter, so to get the color, I used pigment ink to stamp the flower rather than a clear embossing ink.

 The sticky embossing powder actually holds the glitter really well, otherwise I wouldn't use it. I hate glitter falling off everywhere!  Just look at that happy sparkle!
(tutorial coming soon!)

I didn't have any brown string, so I painted a white string with Creative Inspirations paint. Love altering things to match!


Supplies Used:
Paper: white cardstock
Ink: Colorbox Pigment ink
Stamps: Fiskars "Petals from Scratch", Kaisercraft "Grid", Inspired by Stamping "Butterfly Wishes"
Creative Inspirations: Paint (Beige), Resplendence (Angel Dust)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

get frilly...

Hello my wonderful friends!

I promised a lacy flower tutorial, so here it is!  Get ready to get frilly!

First off, let's talk dies.... since we are cutting lace, the steel rule dies are best. You know, the thick dies that you run through your manual die cut machine. You can do this with the thin dies, but be prepared to do some scissor snipping to finish off the cuts. 

I'm using the Tattered Floral die from Tim Holtz/Sizzix. I love this die. However, there are lots of flower dies out there, so use what you love.

 Step 1: Start out by cutting a strip of lace fabric or tulle. (you can do this with regular lace, but it needs to be at least as wide as the flowers you are cutting.)  Fold your lace strip so you have several layers.... you might as well cut several at a time. =)

 Step 2: Layer the lace between 2 pieces of paper on the die. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, copy paper or scrap paper works fine.  For some reason this little trick seems to really help when cutting fragile fabrics like lace.

 Step 3: run your die sandwich through your machine.

 Step 4: run a piece of cardstock through the machine to die cut some paper flowers.

 Step 4: Spray the card stock flowers with water. It doesn't have to be soaking, you just want to make it damp.  For a nice sheen, spray it with pearlized water. (Perfect pearls mixed with water)

 Step 5: Scrunch up your damp flowers. Let them dry that way. This will help give dimension and body to the flower. 

Step 6: Un-crumple the flowers and layer them with the lace flowers... Cardstock, lace, cardstock, lace... you get the idea. The cardstock gives the lace dimension so it doesn't just lay flat as well as help break up the layers.

Step 7: Finish it off with the center of your choice... pearls, rhinestones, buttons.. whatever works for you.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

inspired by a skirt...

Hello my wonderful friends!

Berry season is in full swing at my house. Wild salmonberries and thimbleberries are the first to show up, followed by our blueberry bushes. Now, as those are finishing up, the blackberries are starting. In my area, blackberries are considered weeds. There are so many, and they take over everything!  We have several thickets of them that we are continuously cutting back, and still, I end up picking them by the bucket full!  My mom makes great jams with them, and we freeze the rest for smoothies and other treats. YUM!

However, since a heatwave has hit my area, it is way too hot to be hiking all over the property picking berries, so I have been in my studio with the windows wide, fans going, and creative juices flowing... 

It's been a while since I completed a LO... I have some fabulous photos of the summer that I'm super excited to work with!  Here's the first one... I can't believe how much my little Ladybug has grown!!!

 When her family came to visit, we had beautiful weather, so we spent a couple days at the beach. She loves it there, and I can't say I blame her. I love it there too!

 There is a lot of texture on this LO. Some of it, like the flowers, feathers, and tulle, are very dimensional, which I love!  There is also some visual texture and dimension... I used acrylic paint that I tinted with Distress reinker to stamp directly onto the photo.  Also, those flat metallic dots of color... Creative Inspirations Metallic Inspirations. These are a fabulous way of adding pops of color without adding extra bulk (or in this case, a different layer of dimension).

The flowers I had fun with... Recently, one of my much loved skirts bit the dust. Very sad. However, it was made from this stretchy fabric that I thought would be fun to experiment with... so, I repurposed the skirt. Love doing that!  I ripped out the seams, and ended up with strips of fabric. I then started playing with flower dies... the results were fabulous!

As much as I love the flowers I made, they really didn't match the colors of the LO at all. I tried to dye the fabric, but it just wasn't working well... So, I dug around in my scrap of fabric, and found this black lace. Turns out it makes great flowers too! 

(I'll share more on that soon!)


Supplies Used:
Paper: My Minds Eye, Core'dinations, chipboard, white cardstock
Stamps: Tim Holtz "Lost and Found" & "Regal Flourishes", Fancy Pants "Pollen Dust", Kaisercraft "Grid", Clear Art Stamps "Frame-it"
Ink: Distress ink, Mark-it, Memento
Creative Inspirations: paint (Light Purple, Tutu Pink, Ivory), metallic inspirations (Matt Purple, Fucsia)
Dies: Tim Holtz "Tattered Floral", Spellbinder "Labels 18"
Other: acrylic paint, lace, faux pearls, tulle, eyelets, canvas, Fluerettes, Perfect Pearls

Saturday, August 11, 2012

whatever happens...

Hello my fabulous friends!

I hope you are ready to get a little messy...
Today is about letting go of our need for complete control. Letting what ever happens, happen. Some times we get too caught up in perfectly colored images, using just the right colors, and adding accents in the most effective places possible. Honestly, it can get a bit overwhelming!  

So, once in a while, it is nice to step back and just let things happen. Watch the magic unfold before you. It is amazing what results you can get, and no two will ever be the same.

What you need:
Nonstick craft sheet
Distress Ink
Paint brush
Spray mister (filled with water)
Heat gun (optional, but sure helps!)

 Step 1: swipe your Distress Ink(s) across your nonstick craft sheet to transfer ink onto the sheet.  You'll want to lay down a fair amount of ink. You can use one color or multiple colors. Just don't swipe one ink on top of where you've swiped another ink or your ink pads will get messy!

 Step 2: use your paint brush to flick droplets of Creative Inspirations Paint randomly on your ink swatch. If the paint is thick, you may need to mix some of the paint with a little water to make it flickable. 

 Step 3: use a mister filled with water to spray the ink and paint until you have juicy droplets of ink instead of swipes.

 Step 4: put your paper face down in the inky goodness and press down. Don't smear it around,  just press down over the whole thing.

 Step 5: carefully lift up your paper and dry it. It may look something like this, but keep in mind that each time you do this it will be unique. The paint and ink will do whatever they want. I love that!

 Step 6: to add more dimension (and to not waste ink!) gently tap the paper randomly in the ink/paint puddles that are still on the craft sheet. Dry between taps to build layers. 

 This is how mine turned out. I love how some spots are packed with sparkle while others just have hints of shimmer. And all those random splotches of color...LOVE IT!

 Still have extra ink on the craft sheet? Not a problem! Just grab another piece of paper and dab it in. This is the second paper I did with a pink and yellow mix. The colors are a lot more blended, and more of the white shows through, but It still looks wonderful!

For this card, I stamped the flower in gray ink, and hand cut it out. I added a little bit of shading with Distress Ink and a waterbrush to add dimension to the petals.

For the center of the flower, I painted "Silver Frost" CI on, then added drops of Glossy Accents over it. It really adds dimension and looks almost like little drops of rain.

This card was super fast to make... I had the background just sitting around, and was able to turn it into a card in no time. Great for those last minute "oh yeah, I'm supposed to have this in the mail today" moments. =)


Supplies Used:
Paper: watercolor paper, white cardstock
Ink: Distress Ink (various), Memento "London Fog"
Stamps: Stampendous "Jumbo Peony",  Fancy Pants "Doodles & Things", Recollections "Lace Backgrounds"
Creative Inspirations: Silver Frost, Antique Silver
Other: Glossy Accents

Friday, August 10, 2012

who needs fingers anyway...

Sorry I've been quiet this week... I've been working like crazy to get ahead on my tutorials so I can visit family later this month. Gotta love summer! =)

I do, however, have a super exciting thing to share.... I don't know if all JoAnns are having the same sale, but while I was there today, I found Tim Holtz clear stamp sets on CLEARANCE!!! Instead of $15, they were $4!  I know, fabulous, huh!

I only got 2 sets... the rest had been cleared out!  So, check the store near you, but you better hurry!

I also have a rather humorous story to share.

My paper trimmer has been driving me nuts for quite a while. It didn't cut straight... actually, it didn't really cut as much as tear.  GRRR!  I hate trimmer shopping though. There are so many out there, but so few that can really stand up to my usage and give me the super straight lines I want. (for those of you out there with trimmer OCD, you know what I mean!)  After much debating and research, I decide to give the Tonic Guillotine trimmer a try.  I was worried at first, since I seem to be "accident prone", and really didn't want to chop of a hand or something. When I got it, I felt very reassured by the big plastic finger guard. *whew*

Fast forward to 2 days ago... I'm happily cutting strips of paper, enjoying my new cutter and how nice the cuts are... I think you can see where this is going. I thought I was doing so well, when my knuckle got in the way. Yup. I ended chopping off a nice hunk of skin. I guess I need a knuckle guard too.  LOL!

Enjoy! (and be careful)

Monday, August 6, 2012


Yes, you are still at Kassi Creations... I just did a makeover!!!!

How do you like it?

The real story behind this change is kind of a complex, overwhelming, (and perhaps crazy) idea that my brother and I are working on.  Anyway, he wanted me to play around in Photoshop with my name to generate some ideas. So, play around I did. (I also found out that something is wrong with my computer... it kept freezing. I'm having my local computer geek look at it tonight. Thanks dad!)


Here's the photo I based my color scheme on...

I adore this photo! It just makes me happy!!! I wish I could say I took this photo while scuba diving in the Caribbean, but alas, I'm not that lucky. I am however lucky enough to live close enough to a fabulous zoo/aquarium that I can shoot photos of animals I would otherwise never see.

Well, it is super early in the morning where I am, and my room has cooled off to the point that sleep might just be possible. Some days I wish I had AC!

First though, I think I'll try to rid my room of the huge bug that just landed on the wall by me. UGG!


Friday, August 3, 2012

hoppy birthday...

Hello my fabulous friends!

For those of you joining me for the Creative Inspirations Birthday blog hop, WELCOME!  For those of my friends who are frequent visitors...  Thanks for joining me again!

If you are here on the hop, you should be arriving here from Irit's blog... if not, go ahead and start from the beginning at the CI blog. You don't want to miss any of the inspiration the amazing people on the design team have to share!

 Sometimes a simple card is just what is needed to brighten someone's day. 
But simple doesn't mean boring. =)

 Look at this fabulous texture! I'm not sure what kind of fibers it is, but it took the CI color fabulously. I simply put the fibers into a little plastic baggie with some Sapphire CI paint and some water.  After squishing it around, I took it back out and dried it. I love how mottled it looks... the darks and lights of color blend wonderfully together!

The only way I could think to attach the thin fibers was to run some red liner tape around the edges. Because of the openings of the fibers, there was a lot of exposed sticky... To fix this problem (and add a sparkling border), I rubbed on some Angel Dust Resplendence. Beautiful.

For the tag, I stamped the image with a combination of Distress Ink and VersaMark. I then sprinkled on  some Simple Stick powder (by a.muse).  Following the directions on the jar, I heated the powder from below, then covered the now sticky image with more Angel Dust Resplendence.  Again, I heated from below, then shook off the extra Resplendence.  This is a great way to cover a stamped image with sparkle!

After die cutting the tag, I used my finger to rub Tickled Pink CI paint on the edges. I love the bit of color and sparkle!

Now on to the next stop of the hop... Head on over to Kendra's!

And don't forget, Creative Inspirations Paint is on sale all August!


Supplies Used:
Paper: Watercolor paper, white cardstock
Ink: Distress, VeraMark
Stamps: Basic Grey "Cakes", Inspired by Stamping "Fancy Labels 18"
Dies: Spellbinders "Labels 18"
Creative Inspirations: Paint (Sapphire, Tickled Pink), Resplendence (Angel Dust)
Other: ribbon, fibers

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

three times the charm...

Hello my wonderful friends!  

I've got a secret.... 

Ok, so it isn't a really secret anymore, just really, really, REALLY exciting news!

Creative Inspirations Paint is turning 3!!!!

Yes, I know, we all want to sing, but hang onto your paint brushes... theres more!

We are celebrating with a  SALE!!!!

Fabulous, huh!

There will also be a BLOG HOP this weekend, so make sure you stay tuned for some fabulous inspiration!

In the mean time, I thought I would share a slightly different way to use CI paints....

I've shared lots of cards, LOs, and mixed media techniques on this blog, but I decided to use it in a slightly more traditional way. *gasp*

I actually PAINTED a picture. 

I started with a pencil sketch on watercolor paper based on a photo I took years ago.  I then used a fountain pen and India ink.  (yup, I said fountain pen.... love how they write!) One of the things I loved about the photo was that it was right at the beginning of fall, so the leaves were right in the middle of changing colors. 

By using plenty of water, the colors really blended and ran together smoothly. And the shimmer really sets this apart from a traditional watercolor. So much fun!

Don't forget to stock up on the paints while they are on sale!