Friday, February 22, 2013


"Three little speckled frogs, sitting on a speckled log, eating the most delicious flies. 
Yum! Yum! Yum!"

Hello all my wonderful friends!

Sadly we well not be playing with cute little frogs today, but we will be playing with cute little speckles!  And, not just any speckles.  Oh, no sir!  These speckles are CI shimmery speckles!

This is honestly SUPER simple, but also tends to be rather messy... you may want to protect your work space if you don't want to find random polka dots of color all over EVERYTHING. 

Step 1: Mix some Creative Inspirations paint with some water. you want your paint to be nice and runny for this.

Step 2: dip a damp toothbrush into the paint.
(please use common sense.... DON'T brush your teeth with this toothbrush EVER again!!!!  LOL)

Step 3: Slide your finger across the bristles aiming at the project you mean to speckle.... this is where it gets messy. As much as you try to "aim" it will inevitably go wherever it decides to, thereby beautifying everything in reach whether you wanted it shimmery or not. =)

*Sigh*  flecks of gold in a sea of green... so poetic. =)

Easy as 1-2-3, yet an incredibly fabulous effect!!!

I love the speckles of shimmer!  They really make things pop!


it's all in how you look at it...

"All roads lead to Rome",  or so the saying goes... I prefer to think that perhaps not all roads are roads at all. 

This one is actually a road. 

This one is not, but is a cool optical illusion of one, don't you think?

This too is not a road. However, we used it as one... off roading... driving through part of the waterfall... lots of fun. 

This is a penguin on a road.

Yup. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. =)
(ok, so it is really snow, but it looks like a penguin, doesn't it???)


Friday, February 8, 2013

treats that speak...

Hello my wonderfully fabulous friends!

Looking for something a little different to say I love you?  What about something to just say I'm thinking about you?  Or how about something to just make someone smile?

What about a quick little treat just for that?

Step 1: This may be the hardest part... find yourself some blister-pack candy.  This happens to be a pack of Jolly Ranchers I found at a local food store. I know some gums have come packaged like this in the past... keep your eyes open

Step 2: Carefully open up the outer card stock wrapper. 

Step 3: Use the wrapper as a template to cut out and score your own wrapper.

Step 4: Personalize your wrapper!  First stamp with a waterproof ink, then go back with some Creative Inspirations Paint to add some highlights of color and shimmer!  It adds a great touch without getting complicated!  Once you're done decorating, you can use a little adhesive to glue your side tabs together. Your custom wrapper is complete! 
(Silver Frost is a MUST!)

Now, if you want to leave it here, great! Just slip the blister-pack of candy right back in and it is ready to gift! 


If you want an added surprise....

Step 5: Remove all the candy and as much of the foil from the blister-pack as you can. 
(If you aren't going to reuse this candy, may I suggest doing this part before the wrapper so you can munch while painting.... just a thought... LOL)

Step 6: Cut strips of paper that can be folded to fit inside the blister-pack compartments. Write little messages on each one.  Fold them up and stamp them with some Creative Inspirations Paint for a special little surprise. 
(luv me that Rose Quartz!!!)

Step 7: Carefully cover the back lines of the blister-pack with adhesive. You want to make sure you have good coverage to seal all the blisters, but you don't want to get the adhesive inside the blisters either. This part is a little tricky. Take your time, and don't be afraid to use your fingers to rub off stray adhesive.

Step 8: Load up your blisters (careful not to get anything stuck to the sticky edges!!!)  I added a couple small candies and my notes. Since my candies covered most of the note, I chose to have the heart face the foil... that is why they are facing up towards the camera. You won't see it from the front when you look through the blister at the candy, but the first thing you see when you peel back the foil is a shimmy heart. =)

Step 9: Press some kitchen aluminum foil over the sticky back of the now full blister-pack.  Use your fingers to press along all the lines to make sure they seal. 

Step 10: Flip it over, an trim around the edge.

It should slip right inside your wrapper for a truly custom treat that speaks directly from you to the person you give it to!


Supplies Used
Paper: Authentique, white cardstock
Stamps: Stampendous "Small Typewriter", Three Bugs in a Rug "Flower Patch", Inkadinkado "Mod Flower Flourish", Fancy Pants "Delight"
Ink: Archival
Creative Inspirations Paint: Silver Frost, Rose Quartz
Other: Aluminum foil, rhinestones

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

flash back to iris...

Hello my wonderful friends! 

Do you remember iris folding? There was a while in there that it was really popular, but I haven't seen it in a long time... Truth is, I haven't even thought about it in a long time. I came across my templates not too long ago while organizing my studio, and I knew I had to have some fun with it again!

It is a lot of little tiny pieces, but I really love the final effect! After I have all the pieces glued on, I use a die to cut out the center to make a window to the inside of the card.

Here's the inside... the sweet little puppy with a space left on the bottom for a message.  


Supplies Used
Paper: My Minds Eye, Water Color paper, white cardstock
Ink: Archival Ink, Distress Ink
Stamps: Crafters Companion "Shooting Star", Fancy Pants "Little Star"
Dies: Quickutz "Nesting Circles"
Other: Glossy Accents, Enamel Accents