Saturday, April 27, 2013

distressed paste...

Hello my wonderful friends!

Who's ready to break out the paints?????  Yeah, me too!

To get us started, you are going to have to do a little prep work. You will need a squeeze bottle with a fine tip applicator.  (I washed out an old paint writer bottle.)  Next you will need to fill it with modeling paste. I used a  liquid ink to color mine black before I filled my bottle. (you can also use things like pastels and acrylic paints.)  You can use whatever color you want, depending on what colors you want in your project. You will need your modeling paste one color, and a contrasting color to go over top of it. Keep that in mind.

Ok, now we've got that all ready, let's get going!

Step 1: Stamp your image. I like to use a light color ink so no lines will show though when I'm done.

Step 2:  Carefully follow the lines of your stamp with your paste we talked about earlier to make all the lines of the image nice and raised. I'll be honest, this takes some practice! Don't give up! It helps to work from the inside of the image outward so you don's smear the lines with your hands accidentally. It also is good to wipe the tip of your bottle often... as you can see in the photo, it tends to get paste on the outside, and that can make for messy lines.

Let it dry completely.

Step 3: Sponge on a contrasting color of acrylic paint. I like to dab the paint on with a makeup wedge because I love the texture (I'll show a close up later in the post). Depending on your paint and the colors you are using, you may need to do more than one coat. 

Step 4: Randomly sponge on some Creative Inspirations Paint. This will give it some extra color and spots of shimmer. It really adds to the interest and beauty of the finished product!

*you can keep blending and adding layers until you are happy.*

Allow to dry completely.

Step 5: Gently sand the design. This will take the paint off the highest areas of the design, revealing the modeling paste and giving it that great distressed/shabby look!

Ok... so it looks kinda bad right now... let's clean that up!

Step 6: With a slightly damp rag, wipe away the dust that was created from the sanding.

Step 7: Admire your amazingly fabulous piece!

I couldn't get a good closeup of the shimmer, but it is beautiful!  I love the shabby distressed look!

A finished card with my design as the focal point was a cinch to put together!

Ok.. as promised, a closeup of the texture that you get when you pounce the acrylic paint on with a makeup wedge... I love it! 


Thursday, April 25, 2013

just spray it...

Hello my fabulous friends!  

I have a quick little tutorial to share with you today just for fun!

I was playing around with an idea that really wasn't working, however, it lead to something that is quite fun anyway. =)

In a mini mister, mix about equal parts Glossy Accents and water... I probably used a little more GA than water. I never measure things like this. LOL!  Shake well.

Spray onto a paper for a mist of shiny splatters of dots that will resist ink or...

Now, you have to work fast with this... it dries really quickly!

Spray onto paper and cover with glitter. Press down, and shake off extra glitter... 

fun random glittery patterns.. If you spray only from one direction, you can get almost an ombre look.

You can do the same thing with embossing powders! Yup, you read that right!  After shaking of the extra, heat up the remaining powder just like normal for some FABULOUS random texture!  It is great fun!

Ok.... back to what I'm supposed to be working on... =)


Saturday, April 13, 2013

faux canvas...

Hello my wonderful friends!

As an artist, one of the most intimidating feelings can be staring at a blank canvas. (yes, even those of us who have been at it for a while can feel this way...)

  Maybe it is the fear that we won't be able translate what we see in our mind to what others see on the canvas... Maybe it is the decisiveness of the first brushstroke eludes us... Maybe we are just afraid we will make a mistake. 

I know the feeling. I stand there staring at that stark white and it seems to swallow me whole. I have found it really helps me when I truly let myself embrace the belief that art is not about right and wrong... it isn't about making mistakes, but rather about feeling, expressing, and "dancing like no one is watching".  At least that is what works for me. Everyone must find their own way in art. 

However, finding your own way can get kind of expensive... have you taken a look at the price of canvases lately?  Yeah... that could be part of the reason the blank canvas is so intimidating. They are far to pricy to waste!  

So... how about a little faux canvas for playing with?

Gauze is much better priced in my opinion!
This works with many surfaces, however, the thicker, the better. I have used heavy cardstock, but it did curl quite a bit with all the moisture.  Chipboard and wood won't curl, but it is up to you.

Step 1: Coat your piece with Gesso. 

Step 2: While the Gesso is still wet, press the gauze into it, pulling the gauze tight. We are using the Gesso not only as a base coat, but also as our adhesive.

Step 3: Brush on a layer of Gesso over top of the gauze.  I like to follow the lines of the gauze both up/down and across.

Allow it to dry.

Step 4(a): Use a pair of scissors to trim along the edges of your piece


Step 4(b): Trim around your piece leaving enough to wrap around and tape on the back.  This gives the wrapped canvas look that you get when you buy a stretched canvas... however, it is rather hard to do if you have anything other than straight lines. 

Your choice.

From here, it is up to you what you do with your faux canvas...

of course, I'm going to paint mine with Creative Inspirations paints...  LOL!

Step 1: Stamp an image using permanent waterproof ink like Archival ink. (this takes a little practice... remember it is a textured surface, so you need to apply a little more pressure than usual!)

Step 2: Paint in your image using your preferred method... I used All Purpose inks because when set with heat, they won't bleed with the next step.

I wanted to "antique" my canvas, so I made a glaze using clear Gesso, a tiny bit of Antique Linen Distress reinker, and Creative Inspirations Autumn Wheat for a hint of shimmer (love this!!!)

Step 3: Brush on antiquing glaze

A little ink around the edges, and I have a finished antique faux canvas with a hint of shimmer. LOVE!

No, it isn't the same as working on a real canvas, but it still is a fun surface to work on! And who says art has to be on a "real" canvas anyway? Not me!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I saved this book...

Hello my fabulous friends!

No, I don't have anger management issue, nor do I have a deep seeded hatred for books or literacy... in fact, I should be seen as the hero of this story. Nobody wanted this book. I saved it from a tragically sad and lonely life at the dump. Tearing it up was just the first step in reviving it. 
(ok... so it was also really fun...)
No longer the dusty old book destined for the trash, it is now full of possibilities!  Filled with fresh blank pages to fill with secrets, dreams, hopes, and ideas... 

The old pages have also been given new life... they were all sent through my die cut machine and made into flowers for use in future projects.... wouldn't want to waste a good thing!

So many textures and little treasures of goodness! The first layer of lace lays flat, the next is gathered, than crinkle ribbon covers all the adhesive.
 The paper flower was made using Spellbinder "Rose Creations" dies and Distress Inks. It actually used to be on a home decor project, but after some redecorating, it was time to give the flower a new home. The colors worked perfectly!

*Sneak Peek Alert!!!*  that's all I can say...

Yes, another one of my painstakingly long long rhinestone designs. I have no idea why I find it so therapeutic to hand set tons of 2mm rhinestones in designs, but I do. 


Supplies Used:
Paper: Basic Grey, white card stock
Ink: Distress Ink, All Purpose,  Colorbox
Stamps: Close to my Heart "Pair-a-Phrase"
Dies: Spellbinders"Rose Creations", Quickutz "Nesting Circles"
Creative Inspirations Paint: Ivory, Tutu Pink, Burgundy
Other: Tim Holtz charms, Perfect Pearls, safety pin, key, chain, rhinestones, crinkle ribbon, lace, old book