Tuesday, May 28, 2013

dress it up...

I have a wonderful mother. She loves to find ways to stretch my creativity. She finds things that I normally would pass over, and brings them to me and challenges me to use them. Well, I get free stuff if I use them, and it is fabulously fun to challenge myself to step out of my typical "box", so it is now almost a game of how weird she can get. Trust me, she can get REALLY weird. If anyone knows what little squares of plastic (like trash bag plastic) bound together in notebook fashion are actually supposed to be used for, I would LOVE to know! I think it has something to do with sewing or quilting, but I could be way off.

One of her less weird, yet still challenging for me, finds was a stamp set that was on sale. She picked it up a while ago, and it has been sitting in my studio taunting me. Begging to be used, but I had no idea how to tie it into any of my projects....

It is a stamp set from TPC Studio called "Vintage Threads" with old sewing machines, fancy scissors, vintage-y pattern and a fabulous dress form. I love it! I really do. I just don't sew. Neither does anyone I make cards or scrapbooks for. I just don't make projects that call for sewing images. It was really stretching my imagination to come up with a project that would use the stamp set and yet not just be a waste of time. 

And then... 

Mother's Day.

My mom quilts, she loves the stamps, she picked the set out after all... It was perfect!

I stamped the dress form, then created a skirt out of die cut flowers and rhinestones. It dressed it up, and gave it some great dimension.

To add to the vintage-y feel, I used some doily, lace, and script stamps in the background. A little stitching on my sewing machine (that honestly gets used 97% of the time for paper) and a little tattering around the edges finish of the vintage look. 

Love you mom!


Supplies Used
Paper: Bazzill, white cardstock
Ink: VesaMark, Distress Ink, Archival Ink
Stamps: TPC Studio "Vintage Threads" My Mind's Eye "Story", Country Companions "Sunshine Meadows"
Dies: Joy Crafts "Fantasy Flowers #2"
Other: rhinestones, ribbon, embossing powder

Saturday, May 25, 2013

resin-ating awesomeness....

Well, my wonderful friends, I hope you are ready for some fantastic news....

now sells....


So, what is Resinesense?  Well, let me give you a little introduction, shall I?

To sum it up, Resinesense is a one part, clear UV resin.  MEANING... Simply apply or pour in a  mold, set in the sun or under a UV lamp to cure, and ta-da! Custom Resin embellishments! Yeah... I'm pretty excited about this. :)

Now, this would be a super long tutorial if I tried to teach you EVERYTHING in one day, so I'll share a little to get your creative juices flowing, and you can keep your eyes peeled for more tutorials on this fun new product in the future...

Let's take a look at molding some resin embellishments... 

for this, I used some Amazing Mold Putty and a clear stamp to make a custom mold (how stinkin' cool is that!!!), however, you can also buy pre-made molds.

Simply fill the mold with the Resinesense. Keep the tip of the bottle close to the mold. It has a consistency of honey, move slowly and allow it to flow into crevices. You don't want to create any air bubbles, so just take it slow. You can use a toothpick to help encourage the resin if it doesn't want to move into some of the tighter spaces. If you do get bubbles, try to remove them with the tip of the bottle or a tooth pick. 

Don't over fill your mold.

Now set in the sun or under a UV lamp to cure... I usually let mine cure for around 20-30 min, then I check on them. If they are hard, and not at all sticky or wet, they are done.

So.... what if I want to add color?????

Step 1: Prep your mold by wiping it down with a little oil. (I use coconut oil just because that is what I have in my kitchen at the moment... but another member of the design team uses olive oil...) Don't go crazy with the oil! It really only takes a tiny bit!

BTW if you have a hard time getting your resin embellishments out of a mold, you can oil your mold before filling your mold even if you are keeping it clear. :)

Step 2: Brush on a layer of pigment powder such as Pearl EX or Perfect Pearls. It will stick to the oil. Make sure to dust out any extra. You don't want any piles of loose powder.

Step 3: Fill mold with Resinesense, just like I described above... slowly. Let it flow into the mold.  

Again, set it in the sun or under a UV light to cure. Since the pigment powder is just lining the mold, it will take the resin the same amount of time to cure as the resin we did nothing to.

Once cured the resin embellishments can be carefully removed from the molds. The great thing about silicone molds is that they are flexible, so removing the embellishments is easy!

Clear and an antique silver... Beautiful, huh! And totally customizable too!  You can paint these, sand these, stamp on them (with StazOn ink)

SO much fun! Just think of the possibilities! And making your own molds... your world of possibilities just multiplied by.... 

Ok... Just blew my mind trying to think!

And that is just getting started! The CI design team and I have SO many more ideas up our sleeves to share with you! 


(yes, I just squealed. I got all worked up thinking about stamps, and molds, and resin embellishments, and paints, and.... breathe... breathe... breathe...)

Ok... you can buy Resinesense HERE.  (and you can pick up the UV lamp you saw me using there too if you want.)


*edited: the link to buy Resinesense is now fixed! Sorry about that!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

bright and happy...

Hello my wonderful friends!

As much as I love the muted colors of icy muted colors of fall, and the icy colors of winter, there is just something fabulously thrilling about the bright colors of spring and summer!  

The Knee Highs collection from Basic Grey is full of bright happy colors... and since they are double sided, the biggest problem seems to be where to start!  

This first card is simple and bold. Building layers is easy when using paper collections since they already match, so it was just a mater of choosing colors and cutting them to size. The huge rose was stamped onto the pink side of the "Tic Tac Toe" paper and cut out. I then adhered it to the card using foam squares for some added dimension. 

Although slightly less bold, this one too has fabulous color!  So happy-making! 

Speaking of making....
Remember those old label makers?  The ones that would emboss the letters into plastic strips when you squeeze the handle?  You can still get them, they just aren't as popular as the fancy digital printer ones... 
Well, dig out that embossing labeler and some printed paper an get ready for some fun!  You are going to want paper that is heavier weight, like card stock, so it can withstand the embossing without ripping. 

Step 1:  Cut your printed paper to the width of your label maker. I'm using the the "Ring Pop" paper from Basic Grey's Knee Highs collection cut to 1/4".

Step 2: Run the paper strip through your label maker just as you would run your normal plastic tape though.

Step 3: Use some sandpaper or an emery board to gently file off the color from the embossed letters. This will allow the white core to show through, making the letters pop!  

You can use it as it is, or if you want a shiny look, cover it with a layer of Ranger's Glossy Accents!


Monday, May 20, 2013

blue skies...

Hello my fabulous friends!

Who's ready for some blue skies and bright flowers?  I know I am!


I'm totally LOVING the bright, happy colors and bold designs of DCWV Summer Garden Stack! And the 6x12 size is great for cards, die cutting, and borders on scrapbook pages! (and it is double sided! BONUS!)

These fabulous little gems are hot rocks from imaginisce.  They are hot fix, so when you heat them with the i.rock heat tool, the glue melts, and permanently sticks them to paper OR fabric!  How fun, huh! 

*note to self... must find some clothes or furniture to gem-ify!  Maybe my niece will let me sparkle up one (or more) of her shirts....*

A little floating magic going on here. I cut apart the top flap of the card and inserted a strip of clear plastic. This made a nice little window.  "Thanks" is actually stamped inside the card. This is just a fun way to change things up a bit. The thin strips of contrasting paper not only act as a fun edging, they also hide the glue lines. 

This fun flower was made using Spellbinder's "Rose Creations" die. I die cut layers of fabric, netting, and DCWV Summer Garden paper and did a bunch of stacking for a flower 'blooming' with texture.  I love that the paper is double sided, so when it folds over, a coordinating design shows. Fabulous!


Supplies Used:
Paper: DCWV Supper Garden 6x12 stack, white card stock
Ink: Distress ink, VersaMark
Stamp: My Mind's Eye "Tickled Pink"
Die: Spellbinders "Rose Creation"
Other: fabric, brad, Imaginisce hot rocks, clear plastic 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

use your scraps...

Hello my wonderful friends!

Have you ever had scraps of paper too small to do much with, but you love them too much to get rid of them?   Well, try why not try this out?

Die cut some small simple shapes like circles and make a border down the edge of a card. It's one of those sweet and simple cards that puts those favorite scraps to the best possible use!

So what are my scraps from???

Would you believe they are from the DCWV Kidlet stack?


 I love how even though it is a "kid" stack, some of these papers totally work for any age! So cute!


Supplies Used:
Paper: DCWV Kidlet Stack, cardstock
Ink: Distress Ink, Colorbox, All Purpose
Stamp: My Mind's Eye "Favorite"
Die: Quickutz "Nesting Circles"
Other: button, string

Saturday, May 11, 2013

technicolor magic...

Hello my wonderful friends!

Today I thought I would share a fun little technique that looks a whole lot more impressive than it actually is difficult.  In fact, it is so simple, it only has two steps.  (but the end result is dazzling!!!)

I've heard some people refer to this technique as "black magic", but I don't really like that name, so I thought decided to call it.... the "technicolor magic" technique. Why?  Well, picture in your mind's eye, a tornado, a black and white farm house spinning around, and around, and around... until it crashes down... the girl inside timidly opens the door to a brightly colored scene and looks down at her little dog and says "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore..."

Ok... so I grew up LOVING the Wizard of Oz. :)

Anyway, let's make some Technicolor magic of our own
Step 1: Using a white waterproof permanent ink (or white acrylic paint), stamp your image on a black card stock.

Step 2: Paint over the white with Creative Inspirations Paint. The color will pop on top of the white!

Here is the finished piece! Beautiful, huh! And amazingly simple!  Although I did follow the lines for the the vines and to add some details, it really isn't the detailed work it looks like... want poof?

When you look at it in this light where you can see the shimmer, you can see that the flowers and berries are completely painted in...but the color only shows up on the white!

*side note for all Wizard of Oz fans... Dorothy's shoes were originally SILVER. That is how the story was written. However, to take full advantage of the Technicolor effects, they changed it to RUBY for the movie.  (When I learned that in Jr. High, I wrapped my Dorothy doll's shoes in tinfoil. True story)


Supplies Used:
Paper: DCWV Chalkboard card stock
Ink: StazOn
Stamp: Basic Grey "Grape Leaf"
Creative Inspirations Paint: Green Olive, Evergreen, Royal Purple, Amethyst, Tutu Pink, Blush, Pink Highlights, Mellow Yello

Friday, May 3, 2013

softer side of knee highs

Hello my fabulous friends!

I hope today finds you all wonderfully happy, heathy, and creative!  
Today I have a couple cards to share made with one of Basic Grey's newest collections Knee Highs!
I love this collection! 

First up we have a little shabby sophistication... Over all, this is a fairly bright collection, but there are some papers that are a little more subdued. 

This too is on the softer side of the Knee Highs collection, and I absolutely love it! As much as I adore the bright colors of the rest of the collection, I think the "Cat's Cradle" may just be my absolute favorite single sheet!  It is simply beautiful! 

Isn't this collection beautiful???