Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a lot of love...

Do any of you have a Gelli Plate?  I do, and I LOVE it! It is SO much fun to play with! I kinda get carried away... I make so many prints with it, I have to remind myself to USE the prints!

I found the perfect opportunity today when I was sitting down to work on the Unity challenge...
The soft colors with a hint of bright and dark... sigh.


It also so happened that I was reorganizing my fabric last night, and came across this scrap of lace that I had dyed orange for a project a couple years ago and forgotten I had... It worked perfectly! 

I love lace. I love the vintage feel it gives. I especially love it when it is ruffly, and not just pressed flat against the page... something about the added dimension. It can be a tricky getting lace to stay ruffled though. 

I once had a beautiful project FAIL because the fabulous lace and ribbon ruffle came unglued. 


Here's how I do it NOW.

Working in small segments at a time, I use Glossy Accents to glue the top edge of the lace down in a ruffle... Just pinch the lace now and then (the more you pinch, the more the ruffle). Keep your pinches small, and make sure to press them down so they get firmly saturated into the Glossy Accents.  This glue dries fairly fast, so you don't have to hold an area for long for it to be firmly attached. 

You can trim the lace off at the edge of your card, but I like to wrap it around to the back and secure it with tape.. I think it has a more finished edge, but that's just me.

For the top layer of ribbon, you don't want to use a liquid glue because it will show. For this I use a strip of what I call Red Liner Tape... I don't know what it is really called... I think it depends on what company you buy it from... but it is super sticky and super strong. Make sure to burnish it down REALLY well with your fingers!

Remove the red liner and add your ribbon on top (if you want crinkles, make sure to let the ribbon crinkle as you place it on the tape). Again, burnish REALLY well. 

This seems to work better than anything else I've done. Hope this helps!


Supplies Used:
Paper: Bazzill, card stock
Ink: Distress, StazOn
Stamps: Unity "Dream Big", "Let Love Fly"
Other: crinkle ribbon, jute, button

Sunday, August 25, 2013

chalky tissues...

Hi. My name is Kassi, and I'm obsessed with organization. 

is there a 12 step program for that? 

I think STEP 1 would be to reorganize the program. LOL!

I LOVE organizing (and reorganizing, and reorganizing....)  I love the way houses look in the magazines where everything matches.. down the the last detail. I love the ingenious storage ideas you can find on pinterest...

When I'm stress... I organize. 
When I'm mad... I organize.
When I'm excited... I organize.

So I guess it should come as no surprise that when I got my Silhouette, and started looking through their library... I fell in love with some of the fabulous boxes, drawers, and other organizational things... Yes, they are just paper, but they match! and they look so cute! and, and, and....

and I'm beginning to wonder if I really do need a 12 step program. 


Oh, well, they really are cute!

This one is from the "3d Lori Whitlock Stacking Box Set". 

For the charm, I cut the link of the top of a Tim Holtz Type Charm, the used Glossy Accents to glue a little lace in the charm as well as a resin flower from Websters Pages.  The flower wasn't the right color, so I dyed it with a drop or two of Alcohol inks of various colors... it worked like... well, a CHARM. lol!

To make the decorative panels, I used a twist on an old favorite that I haven't used for a while... Not sure why... I love this one!

So grab some tissue paper (doesn't matter if it's already been used... I save all white tissue paper from gifts just for crafting) and let's get inky!

I know I've shared a version of this technique before, but hey, I'm doing it again with a different twist... 

Step 1: Stamp your background stamp onto the tissue paper using a permanent waterproof ink (I use Archival ink).  I'm using one of my current favorite background stamps which is "Chicken Wire" from Unity.. It has this awesome distressed look... totally me. 


Step 2: Once the ink is completely dry, crinkle the tissue paper up... like I said, no reason why it can't be recycled from old packaging... it's just going to get wrinkled anyway!  :)

Step 3: Cover your card stock piece COMPLETELY with a glue stick. (With the back to school sales going on, it is a great time to stock up on cheap glue sticks!!!)

Step 4: Press your stamped tissue paper onto your gluey card stock. Don't try to smooth it out.. the wrinkles are good... In fact, I make more wrinkles as I'm laying it down if I find areas that don't have enough. 

Step 5: Once the glue dries, cover the whole thing with Distress paint.  This will give your finished project a "chalkier" look than when you do this same technique without the paint.  The inks will also blend differently with the paint as a base. (it's a fun way to switch things up and expand your colors)

Step 6: Randomly add some Distress ink.

Step 7: Add more Distress ink until you get your desired look.

Step 8: Go around the edges with a darker color

Step 9: VERY gently swipe the pad of that darker color directly over the card stock... this will highlight all those wrinkles in the tissue paper... I know it looks really dark in the photo, but that is just because it is wet.. it fades to a chalkier look as it dries.....

And there you have the chalky version of the wrinkled tissue paper technique. It has such a fun texture in person!

 *Note: it does take longer for the ink to dry when it is on top of the paint since it isn't absorbed into the paper... give it time, or hit it with a heat tool... just be careful not to smear it!


Friday, August 23, 2013

sticky stamps...

Hello my wonderful friends!

I'm so glad you chose to "stick" with me today. 

ok... so I really couldn't resist that one. :)

Today has been one of those days where things REALLY don't go as planned. The package I was expecting in order to finish a project (for today's deadline) didn't show up... A tutorial I was putting together for something else ended up looking AWEFUL... I put together another tutorial, and miss the deadline anyway.... I'm sure you get the idea. 

This tutorial didn't really go as planned either. Well, I guess you could say I didn't HAVE any plans for it. I had planned to post one of the other tutorials I have in my "waiting to post" file since I knew today would be hectic.

However, while waiting for the mail (that was supposed to come bearing my package) I had a little free time to play with an idea that had popped into my head. 

It ended up working, and since I was so excited SOMETHING to work out today, I decided to use this tutorial so my day was not totally wasted. LOL!

It is actually based on a technique posted over on Splitcoaststampers using masking tape as a stamp... However, I did what I like to do with SO many techniques... I put my own twist on it.

Step 1: tear off various sizes of masking tape.  How many and what lengths is up to you and your project.

Step 2: ink up the sticky side of the tape by pressing it onto an ink pad. I have found that a light touch is best. You don't need a lot of ink.

Step 3: "ink" up a texture stamp with Creative Inspirations Paint. I do this by pouncing on a little CI paint using a makeup wedge. (avoid text. I say this only because when you stamp it from the tape it will be in reverse... kinda loses the awesomeness of a sentiment if you need to use a mirror to read it...)

Step 4: stamp the sparkly texture onto the sticky inky side of the tape.

Step 5: Working quickly, flip the tape over and press it onto your project. Go ahead and press it down. 

Step 6: Carefully peel off the tape to reveal your imperfectly awesome design!

And, because of the extra little step in there using the CI paint... our masking tape prints have shimmery designs!

 Pretty sure I'm liking this one!

How super simple!!!


PS: As with any paint, don't forget to wash your stamp as soon as you can, and wash it well! Some warm water and a soft bristle toothbrush for the little nooks and crannies will take the paint right off. 

Supplies Used:
Paper: DCWV, cardstock
Ink: Distress Ink, Colorbox Pigment
Stamps: Unity "Love In Return", My Mind's Eye "Tickled Pink"
Other: rhinestones

Friday, August 16, 2013

krafting with gesso...

Hello my wonderful creative friends!

I recently received a package in the mail... it contained some stamp sets from Unity that I won from a FB contest! It couldn't have come on a better day... I was really having a bad day, and it made my day a lot brighter!

Of course, I had to get some ink on them! What else do you do with new stamps????

Isn't this girl sweet? 

Yeah, I think so too. :)

While making this card, I decided to take pictures of how I make my embossed & gessoed kraft background with you... It is one of those fun techniques that I love doing... 

I start off by painting on a layer or two of gesso over kraft paper. 

Once dry, it goes into an embossing folder and through my Big Kick. The Tim Holtz embossing folders give really deep embossed images, so they sometimes tear the paper a little, but I don't mind for this technique... it just adds to the distressed look. :)

I then use a sanding block to remove the gesso from the embossed areas and the edges of the paper. I don't worry about it being perfect, just getting the basic shapes and a nice distressed look.

I stamp my image with Archival ink because it is permanent on the gesso, and allows me to watercolor over it without bleeding.

I prefer working with watercolors. Distress Markers are water based, so all you need to do is color, then use little water to blend. Super simple!

After coloring, I give it a zap with a heat gun to set the Distress ink... For some reason, Distress inks sometimes smear on gesso unless they are heat set. No idea why. 

Once the image is all colored, the edges can be finished off... for this card, I stamped a texture stamp randomly on the outer edges. I hand held the stamp so I could stamp random areas of the stamp with varying pressure. This gives it a softer look than you can get when the stamp is mounted on a block.

I then used an ink blender to add some darker inks around the edges.

I cut a mask from another piece of card stock, and laid it over the center of the embossed area, then I flicked water over the card front. The water interacts with the Distress ink leaving great watermarks behind, and the mask protects he stamped image.

To finish off the edges, I lightly ran a distressing tool over the edges to rough them up. 

Have fun with it... I love using kraft paper and gesso together to create! There is so much you can do with them!


Supplies Used:
Paper: Kraft
Ink: Archival Ink, Distress Ink
Stamps: Unity "Let Beauty Surround You", "Vintage Handwritten", & "Give Thanks"
Other: Tim Holtz "Fancy Frame" embossing folder, jute, pearl

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

beach boy...

Hello my fabulous friends!

Once again, I challenged myself to not only start, but FINISH a layout, and it didn't even take me that long!  

(ok, so it would have taken even less time if I hadn't been working on about 6 other projects simultaneously, but what fun is that???)

I decided that Unity challenge gave me a good place to start for these fun beach picts...

To make the background, I cut out the Silhouette Honeycomb Background, then snipped out a random shape from it... I then cut out some insides from patterned papers to scatter randomly... I love doing this! 

Some hand stitching adds some extra texture and dimension to the banners. 

While we were at the beach, I made sure to pick up some teeny tiny shells for the "just in case", and this just happened to fit the bill! A custom charm to remember a fun filled day!

I started out with one of Tim Holtz charms.

I die cut a circle out of white cardstock as my base and used Glossy Accents to glue it to the inside of the charm. I then covered that with some more GA and sprinkled on some beach sand. 

After that had dried, I glued on my cute little shells with more GA and let that dry.

I then covered it with Creative Inspirations Resinesense, and put it under my UV light for 30 minutes to cure. 

Since the one shell was so tall, I ended up doing a second layer of Resinesense. When covering a charm with resin, it is better to build layers than to do  one thick layer. 

Normally when you work with resins, bubbles are considered a bad thing... however, with this particular piece, I thought the bubbles added to it, so I didn't discourage them. I think it adds character :) 


Supplies Used
Paper: Bazzill, My Minds Eye, card stock
Ink: Distress ink, Memento, Sharpie
Stamps: Unity "Vintage Handwritten", "Tiny Vintage Banners" & "Love in Return"
Silhouette: Honeycomb Background
Die: Quickutz "Nesting Circles"
Creative Inspirations Paint: Resinesense
Other: Basic Grey Alpha Stickers, Tim Holtz charm, sand, shells, brads, string 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

fun foam painting...

Hello my fabulous friends!

Can you believe that summer is nearing it's end? Crazy!  For me, that means it is blackberry season. So, I currently look like I have been wrestling cats... Those bushes eat me alive! 

homemade blackberry chocolate chip ice cream is on the menu tomorrow though!!!!

I guess you could say the berries have me in a purple sort of mood... as you will see from both paint and my nails. :)


I was going to share one tutorial, but last minute (literally!) I changed my mind... I wasn't sure if I would bore you all if I shared a tutorial that was so photo heavy it could sink a ship. LOL! 

So, I threw together something different to share... I hope you like!

Step 1: Working on a piece of craft foam (you know, the really cheap "fun foam" sheets they sell for kid crafts), use a brayer to spread a layer of white acrylic paint, then add a couple drops of Distress Reinker.  

Brayer the ink in... you can mix it in as little or as much as you want. 

Step 2: Add some splashes of Creative Inspirations Paint for a pop of color and shimmer.  

Step 3: Place a piece of cardstock over your paint and press & smoosh around. Move it around to swirl the paint into random patterns.

Step 4: Carefully pull off the card stock. You can dry it with a heat gun and press it back onto the paint in different areas if you want to add more layers, or you can leave it as is.

Step 5: Since we colored the paint with Distress Reinkers, it will react with water... so, go ahead and flick some water at it and you can get some fabulous watermarks!

 Step 6: To stamp on the acrylic paint, use a permanent ink like StazOn or Ranger Archival.


Supplies Used:
Paper: cardstock
Ink: Archival ink, Distress ink
Stamps: Unity "Chicken Wire" & "Love in Return"