Thursday, July 31, 2014

pulling out the wrinkles....

Hello my wonderful friends!

It's time for another Unity hop!
(and sale!)

30,000+ FB friends? CRAZY awesome! Love you guys!

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So, I kinda love the sunny girl! (maybe it's the shoes... I really want those shoes... in lots of colors! HA!)
You can find her HERE. BTW... it's totally the last day of July (how'd that happen?) So it's kinda your last day to sign up for the KOM and get her! Click HERE to fast track you right where you need to be to sign up.

The sentiment "Sometimes you have to be strong for yourself" comes from Botanical Bliss (April 2014 KOM). I really love that saying... I spend so much energy being strong for others, sometimes I forget what it means to be strong for myself.

 Did you know that if you are a member of the KOM, you can purchase PAST KOM and SMAK kits for only $20 plus shipping. (totally beats $45 plus shipping!) Just sayin' 

This witchy woman is Esmerelda Girl and is pretty fabulous!  The saying is from today's brand new release "Frightful Sentiments"

Like that purple and black background?  Wanna know how it's done?

It's actually a bit of a twofer..

See, you get two different backgrounds in one technique. Check it out...
(Pumpkin Greetings)

For this technique, you only need a couple things... a Gelli Plate, brayer, acrylic paint, card stock, and tissue paper.

Step 1: Roll a thin layer of acrylic paint over your gelli plate.

Step 2: Scrunch up a large piece of tissue paper. flatten it out somewhat and press onto your painted plate making sure to leave in the wrinkles (this is what gives it texture!)

Step 3: Carefully pull up the tissue paper.  It will be the color of your paint with white wrinkles. (this is what made up the background of the pumpkin card.

Step 4: Before the paint dries, press a piece of card stock over it and rub firmly. Pull that and you get what made up the background for the witch. Your wrinkle/crackles will be the color of your paint with the rest of it being the color of your card stock (I used a white card stock that had a layer of purple paint on it.... however, you can add color over the paint using inks or watercolors after it is dry.)

*Please forgive the fact that my tutorial is in orange paint, and neither of my samples actually used the tissue or card stock from it... No, it will not magically change colors. It was kinda late, and I didn't take pictures of the black or blue pulls... but you get the idea.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

in distress...

Hello my wonderful friends!

If you are looking for the Unity hop post... go ahead and click HERE, or just scroll down. 

Speaking of the hop, I had some questions in the comments asking about how I did this card.

 This is actually kind of a fun technique... ready to get a little messy?

Step 1: add a couple drops of Distress Reinker to some white gesso or acrylic paint.
(for my original card, I used Salty Ocean, for this sample, I grabbed Chipped Sapphire)

Step 2: Completely cover a piece of kraft card stock with 1-2 layers of your tinted paint... allow to dry between layers (or if you are impatient like me, dry it with a heat gun!)

Step 3: Run your dry piece through an embossing machine using desired embossing folder.

Step 4: Gently sand off the paint from the embossed areas. I like using a sanding grip for this, but regular sand paper works fine.

Step 5: Now comes the magic of Distress Ink!  Flick water onto your piece... The ink will react and do some fabulous things. And, because you have some exposed kraft paper (where you sanded off the embossed areas) you'll get some deeper colors in those areas. Super fun way to get a distressed look!

Step 6:  If you want a tattered edge, use a paper distresser, or the edge of your scissors to  scuff up the edges. 
(For my project, I also ran did a regular stitch along all the edges with my sewing machine.)

Step 7: If you want to go a step farther.... try using a marker spritzer to splatter light droplets of ink.. I'm using a sharpie for a permanent black! 

It's super faint, but you can see the light speckles. I love the added touch this gives!  

Now you are ready to dress it up with your favorite stamps!

*As a side note... For this to work, you do have to mix Distress Reinker with white gesso or acrylic paint. Using Distress Paint, while it will give you the color, it is specially formulated to NOT react to water once dry.*

Hope that helps all those who were asking! I love it when I get questions! It gives me ideas on what to share! Thanks for commenting!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

chalk it up to unity....

Hello my wonderful friends!

Guess what... It's Thursday, and time for another Unity hop!
(and sale!)

Courage to Imagine 

If you are arriving here from Kary's blog you are right on track... if not, go ahead and start at the beginning by clicking HERE.. You don't want to miss any of the fabulous inspiration (or chances to win!)

Have you ever had one of "THOSE" weeks? You know the kind... where everything is about 1000 times more stressful than it needs to be? Yeah. That was how this week started. Monday night, I didn't go to bed at all because I was too overwhelmed to sleep.


However, I was finally able to sit down with my Unity stamps, Distress Ink, and watercolor crayons, and art out my stress. That is one of the things I LOVE most about what I do... Creating art helps me deal with life. It helps me cope with the hard times, and celebrate the good!

I super ADORE this stamp! It's this week's Stamp of the Week, and a I love it! You can check it out HERE.

I also got a chance to play around with an idea I had. I'm excited to say, it worked like a charm!

So, you know the chalkboard trend everyone has been on?  Well, I'll admit, I'm not very talented at making my chalkboards, white board, or mirrors look very pretty when I write on them. It's super frustrating! So, I found a way to "draw" and "write" on my chalkboards that doesn't require any artistic skills with chalk... Wanna know how?

Stamps and chalk markers!

The chalk markers are special markers that have a liquid formula that works well on chalkboards, glass, and other such surfaces, and washes off with a little water. Super fun!
(You can get chalk markers in all sorts of colors, I'm just boring and like the look of the traditional white on the blackboard...)

Simply ink up your stamp with the chalk marker(s) just like you would using any other marker, then stamp on your board. The ink washes off both your stamp and board with just a damp rag.

And now, I can have the "Pinterest cute" chalkboards without having to be spend the time, or frustration at trying to draw an awesome image myself! Love that!

Enjoy the hop... I'm off to go whale watching with the kiddos! YAY!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

bug-a-boo beauty...

Hello all my wonderful friends!

There is someone I'd like you to meet...

This is my little Bug-a-boo.

This beautiful 10 yr old has been one of my bestest little helpers since the day she was born. She's had a kinda rough year... Her dad has been working in another state and commuting home for the weekends. This summer, she is staying at my house so her parents can buy a house and get everything moved so they can all be together as a family again. SO happy for them, and praying that things go smoothly and quickly... they deserve it!

Since she is sleeping in my studio, my normal nighttime art time has been cut back, however, she is more than willing to spend time getting all inky with me during the day!  I love our special crafting time together! It makes my heart happy. 

This is all her. All I did was cut the paper.
 (I'm WAY too chicken to let her use my guillotine cutter... that thing has taken chunks of MY fingers before!) 

She has decided she wants to be on MY design team... She knows what I do working with Unity, and wants to do the same thing for me since I told her she is too young to work for a real company (pesky child labor laws and internet safety stuff, right?!? HA!) So I told her I would share her card on my blog.  

What can I say? She's got blossoming talent! I'm so happy she is my niece and that I get to spend time with her this summer. I love her SO much! (and I kinda love that she shares a love for the arts too!!)

Happy crafting everyone... of ALL ages!


 Unity Stamps- Gina & Me, Strength & Dignity

Thursday, July 3, 2014

to friendship and fun...

Hello my wonderful friends!

It's time for another Unity hop!
This week is super special because we celebrating friendship with the new Gina & Me kit from Unity, and the Ang & Me supplies kit from Gina K. with a combined blog hop from BOTH companies!  I know, that means more blogs, but it also means more prizes! Unity and Gina K. are BOTH choosing winners! 
(besides, it's tons more inspiration! LOVE.) 

If you are arriving here from Kary's blog you are right on track... if not, go ahead and start at the beginning by clicking HERE.. You don't want to miss any of the fabulous inspiration (or chances to win!)

Ok, so I'm seriously loving the flower and butterfly in the new Gina & Me kit! Totally fell in love with the first time I saw the kit. And the papers in the Ang & Me Supplies kit are FABULOUS! The card stock is a nice weight, and the pattern paper has an awesome finish too!  I also LOVE that this all came about because two wonderful women are such DEAR friends even though they are in the same business. The world needs more friendships like this!

While I was working on this card, my 10 yr old niece was watching... She was asking me all sorts of artsy questions, than she threw one at me that kinda surprised me...

"Do you ever make a mistake in your art?"

HA!  I'm pretty flattered that she has elevated me to the superhuman capabilities of being perfect, but I had to pop her bubble and I told her:

 It happens ALL THE TIME! It's just a part of learning.. and part of art.  

As if the universe wanted to prove my point, just minutes after that,  I set something down that wasn't quite dry, and smeared brown ink across the white part of the card, and had to start over. 

Yes, I make mistakes. It happens, and it's ok.  Sometimes I have to remind myself of that!  (I actually like this version of the card much better.)

To get that fabulous arch of flowers, I used the Inkadinkado Circle Stamping Gear. Works GREAT with Unity stamps!  (it also made it quite easy to redo the card!)

I also did a little watercoloring with June's KOM.... I used Distress Markers to color on the stamp with various colors, I than spritzed it with water and stamped. After it had dried, I used a damp paint brush to smear the ink inside the flowers just a tad. SUPER quick and easy!  I love the look of it though!

(BTW... have you seen the new KOM, SMAK, and LOL?  Totally in love, and can't wait for mine to get here! How about you?)

For those of you who don't know... I pretty much always do a tutorial... just cuz I love to!

This week, I thought I would share a fun way to jazz up some of your bold, solid stamps...

Stencil Stamping

Step 1: lay a stencil over a bold, solid stamp... the heart from the new Gina & Me kit is perfect!

Step 2: use a marker spritzer (I use THIS one) to spritz ink through the stencil, and onto the stamp. You can concentrate ink in some areas more than others for fun fades!

your stamp will look something like this... super fun!

Step 3: press stamp to paper like usual.

You can get all sorts of cool effects with this... try fades, or using multiple colors... Tons of fun!

Don't forget---
 Leave a comment on EACH blog in the hop (including the Unity blog) for your chance to win. I know there is twice as much hop this week... but that means more winners, so make sure to hop through all of the Gina K. team too! The winners for Unity, will be announced Saturday night on the Unity blog.

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