Thursday, June 25, 2015

baby birds and tissue paper...

Hello my wonderful friends!

It's time for another Unity hop!
(and sale!)

A couple of weeks ago I shared a picture of a hummingbird nest in my yard.. I thought I would share another picture today...

This cute little one begging for food is a day old, and it's sibling just out of the egg.  How adorable, right?!? Keep in mind, these little guys are TINY.. When all curled up they are about the size of a small jellybean!!!

I was able to capture the image using my phone and a little magnetic macro lens (which makes close up like this possible!).  It may not be the most amazing quality since it's a phone camera, but I really didn't want to disturb the babies (or mamma) with big camera equipment.

Ok... back to business... LOL!

Check out this new stamp, isn't it amazing???
I love the detail and vintage feel... Don't be intimidated by it as far as coloring... I just used few colors of Distress ink with a water brush... nothing complex. 

I love using this background for SUPER quick and easy texture... It's tissue paper... you know, that stuff that you stuff in gift bags to make them all nice and fancy? Yup, tissue paper and a glue stick. So basic yet so effective! And that flower... it's from an old SMAK kit Wildflowers and Wings. I LOVE this kit! 

Ready for some texture?

Step 1: Cut a piece of tissue paper slightly larger than your card stock.

Step 2: Crumple the tissue paper.

Step 3: Open the tissue paper, but leave it a wrinkled mess. 

Step 4: COMPLETELY cover the front of your card stock with glue... regular cheap school glue stick works PERFECTLY because it isn't too wet and dries quickly. (I like to stock up with those big packs of glue sticks you can get for super cheap with back to school supplies)

Step 5: Press the wrinkled tissue paper onto the card stock... Press down firmly over entire piece to ensure the tissue is completely adhered, but don't try to iron out the wrinkles... that's what gives you the texture.

Step 6: Flip it over and trim off the corners of the tissue paper. (this is optional, but makes much nicer corners)

Step 6: Still working on the back, run a line of glue around the edge of your card stock. Fold over the edges. this gives you a nice finished look.

At this point you can design as desired.

for my card...

Step 1: Mask most of the card, leaving only a strip exposed. (I'm using acetate with a little temporary adhesive on the back... I like using acetate because I can see through it and it won't warp with moisture.)

Step 2: Apply a couple thin layers of Gesso to exposed strip

Step 3: Stamp image. When stamping on a textured surface, I like to use the stamp unmounted... this allows me to press the stamp into the texture with my fingers instead of a solid block stamping over just the raised areas... if that make sense.

Step 4: Any areas that didn't quite get stamped can be quickly fixed with a black marker. I love this super fine tip Sharpie!

Step 5: Add color... I used Distress Markers, but you could use whatever you want. 

Step 6: Finish card as desired. :)

ok... that's it for me. Have a fabulous weekend, enjoy the hop, get crafty, and shop the AMAZING Unity sale HERE!

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

random fun stuff...

Hello my wonderful friends!

It's time for another Unity hop!
(and sale!)

It's also time for a new challenge over on the Unity blog... click HERE to get all the fabulous details and enter your own creations. We LOVE to see your work!

So, totally random and off topic, but guess what I found in my yard this week...
Yup... check out this mother-to-be! I'm so excited to see little 'humming babies' (as my friend calls them). 

Ok... back to stamping...

This week, I decided to play around with an idea I had and made a canvas chalkboard for my niece.   I started out with a canvas board that I covered with several coats of chalkboard paint. After giving it plenty of time to dry, I used a stencil and texture paste to give the edges some dimension.

I sprayed the paste with various Distress inks to give them a nice bright color... I then used the Faber-Castell PITT artist pen (white 101) to ink up the little butterfly in Unity's Gina and Me kit... it stamped beautifully over the chalkboard paint! I then sprayed some more distress ink over the stamped images so they would be a little less stark white. 

Of course, I had to test it out... The chalk wrote and erased beautifully! (don't mind the bad handwriting.... it isn't my strongest point.)

This sweet set is brand new... And I LOVE it! It is just in time too... I'm in need of a baby card for a family member! YAY!

(see that little heart charm hanging off the bow? It's actually an old earring.. I lost it's mate years and years ago, but kept this one because I loved it. It finally has a new life, and I'm super happy about that!)

I ADORE this set! It's absolutely perfect for super simple (yet stunning) watercoloring...
Check it out....

Ok.. enough of me yapping. LOL! Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the hop, and check out the new stamps and sales at UNITY!

*We have a new website today, so PRETTY PLEASE be patient if there are kinks... we are doing our very best to give you a better shopping experience!!!!*

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 Leave a comment on EACH blog in the hop (including the Unity blog) for your chance to win.  The winners will be announced Monday on the Unity blog.